How can 2 reviews equal a rating of 4.64?

Came upon this review “quirk”…any thoughts on how this is possible?

Could a review have been removed? Don’t they say the stars remain even if a review is taken down. So she had two 5 star reviews and then one 4 that mentioned a resolution… (yes that’s 4.66 but this is Airbnb so… )

Or are they averaging all the category stars in now, not just the overall?

It is a brand new listing so the category stars are not showing. As far as stars remaining when a review gets removed…that has not been my personal experience. When a review has been removed, all associated star rating go away with it as well as the total review number decreases.

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People have previously reported that stars show ahead of reviews. So there’s a third review that hasn’t posted yet because the host hasn’t reviewed.

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Hmmm…interesting theory. But still don’t see how it could be 4.64 instead of 4.67…

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You don’t find any of my explanations convincing? I’m out of ideas. LOL

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No, you are most likely correct about Airbnb just being so…
Which is the frustrating part…can’t even trust them to do basic math. Still interested in other thoughts but I guess maybe no one else really cares that much about the numbers not working out properly. It’s the math nerd perfectionist in me I guess.


I’ve experienced the same - I really don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to it, not one CS has been able to explain it to me.

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Wait, seriously!?!? That means you can tell that you’ve got a bad review coming before you write it and then write a revenge review of your own. So much for the blind review process.

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I had tried to post this before but it got lost somewhere in a draft after saving for 30 minutes…

Just saw one where 2 reviews equaled 4,94 (and since it’s the US it should have at least been 4.94) but how is that even possible? And what is with the increase in reviews with NO text that just has a link to translate from a foreign speaking guest? I thought it had to be at least a “.” in the free text area in order to publish…

To follow up on that one, I just messaged the host because I am currently hosting their last reviewing guest (well, he is paying for he and his worker but he has only spent 8 minutes at the house in over a week and it was not while his worker was there) and although the food review the host left him his average stars are only 4 so I am inquiring. I have this booking for 33 days and am wondering what kind of review to expect and want to compare notes and try to prepare as there are still 3 more weeks left. It has changed to 4.84! So the comma became a period and the rating increase by 0.10. And I have been tracking this hosts dates and they have not had anything booked since I found out who the host was by way of the review showing up on my guest’s profile.

That’s what others have reported. I’m not able to verify by personal experience.

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And now the reviews are showing up as 5.0!!! It is a bouncing game…

Oh, and the host has not responded to me about Anthony and now has a 67% response rate. Hmm…

And here’s a listing that has ratings with no reviews. And it has two different ratings depending on whether it is viewed with dates or not…

What the heck??? What good are the stars if they are just randomly generated with it without reviews???

Can confirm. Score went up .01 after I got the notification that my last review had been written, so I knew it was a 5 star before seeing it. (Currently have fewer than 10 reviews on that platform.)


And here’s another with no reviews with two different ratings depending on dates or no dates… so odd…