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House swap in Krakow


My husband will visit his brother in Krakow, Poland next year.
I was hoping to do house swap (my airbn with theirs)

Anyone here own airbnb in Krakow, Poland?
Thank you


There is an Airbnb FB group for swapping listings.


Does this include live in hosts swapping with others and taking care of each other’s guests? I could see that being a great cheap holiday or a real bomb dive :wink:


I think it’s just hosts posting places they want to travel to and asking if anyone wants to swop. I just had a quick look but it was very US centric so haven’t really been back.

I agree I wouldn’t have another host take care of my guests that I didn’t know.


Would make a great reality show though like wife swap


I have no plan on taking care of host’s guest.
Many host owned second house or basement for airbnb (like mine)
So I thought maybe it will work out that way.
I will block my calendar anytime they want to come vice versa.

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