House rule broken - need help aprs review

Jeez, now I crave curry!

I wont spell out that he ate in his room and it smelled of curry after the guy left. If he was spotless otherwise I’d just give him a good review, 4 star however and send him a message telling him he broke your rules and asking him not to do it with other hosts.

Now I have to google Indian takeout!

True that they probably wouldn’t book again, but I would rather ensure that preemptively rather than risk having to use one of my 3 per year “I’m uncomfortable” cancellations on someone who I could have predicted in advance would be an unwelcome guest. (And if you’re a superhost, I think that just one cancellation could make you lose superhost status, depending on how many stays you host per year.)

I’m glad that you mentioned the person who smoked weed in their room in the review. I have a hard time imagining that there is more than a small handful of hosts who would be okay with people smoking weed in their house, even in states where it’s legal. It’s a really strong smell – and, to me, a really disgusting one. (I’m 110% pro legalisation for a range of reasons – mainly because it’s stupid to fill prisons with weed smokers – but if legalisation meant smelling weed in every hotel and Airbnb place I stayed, my enthusiasm for legal reform might drop slightly.)

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I don’t think almost any host would be okay with inside smoking, of anything. I don’t care if my guests smoke but there’s a seating area outside for that.

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I live in TX where weed is illegal. So some people might choose to smoke indoors rather than where it would be obvious to me or someone else. There’s only space in the front, no place outside where someone could privately smoke. So I speculated that they might be fine in a weed friendly state. There are also hosts who advertise that they are weed friendly and some of those folks are open to smoking in their homes. I’m not guessing, I’ve seen it posted.

Okay, that makes sense. (Though personally if I wanted to use weed in a state / country where it’s illegal, I’d buy edibles so I could get high without creating a scent trail)


Also there’s this essence of weed that doesn’t smell. I am not a weed user but I know it exists. I had friends who smoked that next to me and it barely smelled.

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