House Manual. ? What should be in it?

We are fairly new to ABNB and i don’t have a house manual. We have an upstairs that we advertise. We are always here when we have guests. What do i put in my house manual?

Some basics would be how to control the temperature, any quirky things about the house (light switches, locks, special appliance instructions etc.), how to reach you via your preferred contact method, and your ground rules.

Other things to include would be info about the area, menus from local restaurants, a blurb about you perhaps, especially if it’s a shared environment.

Basically you just want to have anything the guest needs to know written down.

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Our book – printed not electronic – has WiFi Code, cable & Netflix remotes operation, list of house rules, lists of restaurants, the Breakfast for Two menu, a blurb with the address and cross street location in the event an emergency call has to be made, lots of restaurant menus, and local sightseeing brochures and coupons, pertinent newspaper clippings, etc.

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