House Elf has been Freed!

I wondered if anyone has any tips on I can get guests to clean the bathroom after they use it, and wash up their pots after use too? It is in the rules. It’s on the house manual.

I’ve washed the bathroom down about 8 times since yesterday evening, and washed up th guest’s pots that they left by the sink for the house elf to do. It’s either that or they are leaving their mess for their host, me, to do! It’s just bad manners really. Feeling a little irritated this evening.

You had to wash the bathroom eight-times in 24 hours? Did everyone have a mass outbreak of diarrhea?

As I suggested in a similar post: Place your guests’ dirty pots, pans, plates and glasses in front of their bedroom door, with the note: “You forgot to take care of these, as stated in our house rules. Thank you.”


Is this an ongoing problem with your guests are just this one in particular? And what type of clean-up are you referring to? What expectations are you expecting? As far as the kitchen goes…I would definitely bring it up to your guest if this is a space you are sharing with the guest. A note on the door would probably suffice.

They do an absolutely crap job at bathrooms and washing up I don’t know why you expect it to be done. Dirty greasy fry pans back in the cupboard, unwashed plates back in the stack, toothpaste spatter on the sink, taps and mirror. Rather do it and done well than another guest complaint about filth

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Makes me think of airplane restrooms. I don’t know what the exact wording is but something like “As a courtesy to other passengers, please …”.
Are the restrooms on an airplane ever clean? Yes, after the cleaning crew has passed and before the first passenger has used them :sweat_smile:.

Anyway, if it’s really a problem I would consider putting up a small sign. You should also mention your expectations when you’re giving your house tour.

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I’m not sure I’ve got the whole picture here … is yours a private room in a shared house or a totally separate unit? And I take it you’re referring to the messy behaviour during their stay rather than after they have left?

Each of these will need different solutions … though I’m not sure what they are! If, as I guess, it’s a shared house, you obviously have a sense of humour and you might use this e.g. a note on the bathroom door saying "Dear Humans, I am so overworked that I beg your help. If you leave this room nice and clean, then Mistress may not beat me. Love from Dobby, (the House Elf)

After all, everyone in the world seems to have read HP!


I once caught a flight business class from Sydney to LA. Because of my disability they let me use the nearside “Ladies bathroom” rather than the general use one on the other side of the plane. It was like a fragrant garden in there, kept clean by users and stewards. This is what we miss out on men by peeing on the seat and floor. I have no idea why women would want unisex bathrooms. The result must be immediately obvious. I know not all men are messy and not all women are clean freaks but this seems to be the main issue.

Womens restrooms can be disgusting as well. I think the difference on the plane was the 1st class stewards ( plane elfs) kept it up.


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Assuming you’re talking about shared spaces. Do you make it easy for them? Are the cleaning supplies left out and clearly marked regarding what to use for what? Do you have friendly signs listing your expectations?

“Enjoy your meal! Please make sure all dishes and cookware are cleaned and put away before you leave the kitchen and dining area. We all appreciate your care of this shared space. Thank you!”

I have the area above the kitchen towel bar marked “hands” and “dishes” to eliminate confusion about which towel to use, and keep a counter wiping towel next to the sink.

In the bathroom, I have a cleaning tote with supplies and I always make sure there’s a clean sponge and fresh dry microfiber towel for wiping things down, so nobody gets grossed out having to touch something icky.

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