Hosts in Europe: Are y’all ready? Here we come


No. Go away. We don’t want you.




The last thing I want to do right now is be trapped on a trans-Atlantic flight with a bunch of people I don’t know. It’s not primarily fear of covid, it’s the culture that seems to be permeating everything now.


I want to see how EU enforces proof of vaccination. The digital green card sounds appealing.

Oh stop! You know you want us - you know, your US-and-UK-based posse.

Am working on an itinerary with a friend for October. Brace yourself! We’re thinking Spain and Portugal. @Joan you too! :wink:

In the UK we’re looking at adding our vaccination passport to the NHS track and trace app @Annet3176

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As it stands, it doesn’t matter a jot what governments outside Spain say, our borders are still closed and according to press reports, may be for quite some time to come.

Post 17th May, the UK’s date to allow foreign travel, numerous folks have been denied boarding Spain bound flights from the UK because they couldn’t prove that their journey is “essential”.

Much as I’d like to see international guests again, I’m comfortable with our governments decisions.

In Andalucía, we have a health app, Clic+ Salud, and it is possible to show your vaccination status via this. Reports suggests that shortly there’ll be a function that allows a QR code to be generated, something that I suspect will be to a standard format agreed within the EU, and possibly other major countries.