Hosts cancelling booking get charged a fee

I can’t find a recent post on this. I must have missed some update - when did this come into force? Airbnb will charge us??

Maybe it would be in one of these threads. It’s been in effect a long time and I can’t recall how long. There are ways to get out of though and members here who claim you can always get out of paying them.

Call them if you ever have a special case. I dumbly took a double booking once and begged for mercy and they did it for me without penalty.

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When something has been around when you joined there is an assumption it have been there forever, but certainly nothing new.

It’s been in force since I first became a host two and a half years ago. How long have you been hosting @Glad?

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3 1/2 years but I was away most of last year, guess I never paid that much attention. Haven’t had to cancel anyone yet!

Maybe you noticed the booking cancellation fee because Airbnb has changed their information posted on the left side of the in-box screen to include:image

I knew there were some kind of fees but this morning I noticed the verbiage. Interesting someone else noticed it too. That’s why I think for at least some hosts, the in-box content has changed.


Yes I think you’re right. Has anyone here ever had to pay this fee?

If you cancel, I have never cancelled.

Fair question. The only cancellations I’ve had were under the extenuating circumstances policy so no penalties—-2 failed airconditioner events (replaced now), 1 failed water heater (replaced) & 1 HOA changing neighborhood rules to allow rentals of 30 days or more.

I almost had one due to an accidental double booking but fortunately one accepted a special offer to change their dates. That one cost me more than $100 in revenue BUT it preserved my host rating.

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Tip. If you are a host in good standing they will usually cancel a double booking for you at no charge.