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Hosts are the worst guests!


I believe 100% you were taken advantage of and punished for your flexibility. I’m glad you didn’t get too bitter over it; if I’m honest I don’t think I would have taken it well.


I did not mention it in her review and hoped she wouldn’t either -as she is a host herself, thought she would have better sense.
Instead after her negative feedback I made a public reply (first time I have done that)
arrived a few hours prior to my check time; although I agreed to take her baggage, we were not ready to receive her; she insisted, and came in anyway. Thus the unfortunante confusion.

Good guests, and lovely sweet reviews outweigh bad guests; so I just focus on all the good guests and let these things go.

If we give it momentum it will keep showing up in our experience.


Last night, I had a local host check-in. His apartment is about a mile (2 kms) from mine, and he told me that he was away on holiday, but came back home one day early, so his own place is still rented out to other guests, and he stayed with me for one night until he was able to move back to his own place, today.

Of course, I checked out his profile on Airbnb when the booking came in. Funny thing being, his apartment is quite similar to mine, only he charged 3 times what I was charging, last night. So he actually made quite a bit of money by staying with me and renting out his own place, down the road, at the same time. I didn’t feel good about that. I seem to be offering rates that are way too cheap …

Still, it was interesting talking to him when he checked in. I had a feeling that I didn’t need to tell him much, since he obviously knows the city and the neighbourhood. So he was a low-impact guest.


High time you raised your prices, Eberhard! That was an eye opening stay! The guy actually made money by renting his place and staying in yours?!! That would be a lousy feeling indeed!


I think this exactly the situation i have now. I have 2 guys who are hosts in Miami Beach .They have 3 properties.
They had 26 excellent reviews by other hosts and all local listings. I think they are doing the same thing, going from one house to another when their own house gets rented. Very smart actually. They rent out their house for 300$ a day but rented my room for 50$ a day. So, they do 500$ profit over weekend. They came for 2 day stay with huge luggage, i think full of valuables that they did not want to leave with guests.


I just went through a situation with a ‘host-guest’ that booked our house, then realized it was a 60min drive from his event. He told me I miss advertised my listing and changed the city after he booked. UM…not at all possible, but OK. Not to mention our listing clearly states where we are and how far places of interest are, including the city he was going to. The entire thing was beyond confusing, and a reminder that I’m over renting to hosts.


I also don’t like and don’t host Duch people :slight_smile:


It does. A lovely guy from Atlanta, Georgia once booked to stay two nights with me, visiting the UK for a friend’s wedding reception. It turned out the reception was in the block opposite our apartments!!

He didn’t know this when he booked, he was relying on his friends about 25 miles away to drive him to the place!

EDIT: Just saw that others have had the same sort of next-door experience as well!


I allow early bag dropoffs and they seem to work fine. I make it clear that this is an extra I’m doing for them, and I cannot offer an early full check-in because I have to be fair to the previous guest just checking out etc.

I don’t know the layout of you place, but I wouldn’t allow them access to the room at all. Get the bags dropped off right by the external door, or even just outside if that’s possible.

I haven’t refused access to the toilet in such cases, it would sound mean. And even if there are toilets in the trains or planes, it’s not the same.

I do adminster the rest of the check-in stuff, like asking them about their schedules, giving them a map and such. That way, you don’t have to be there when they come in later.

This can work to the host’s advantage too - say they dropped their bags off at noon, 3 hours before std check-in. Most guests then come back later in the evening or the night, which can be a good thing for the host.

So I can say after having been burned by this, the damage from such scenarios can be mitigated.


Once they are in, using the bathroom etc., they are essentially checked in. I don’t allow it. I don’t turn over the room until it is one hundred percent ready. They will forget that you allowed them in early but will remember something was not clean or ready. Avoids a world of issues.


@CynthiaSuperHost Are you serious? You won’t host Dutch people?


It tough to say. I’ve had hosts that love the place and wanted to come back.I’ve had 1 or 2 hosts that think they are better than you. They don’t have that attitude “oh they are in the same boat”. I think its their opportunity to criticize as guest and they take that opportunity. I feel what goes around comes around
I think it is to put you down. I always tell them I would love to come to you home one day and spend some time there.