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Hosting in Belarus, payouts to US bank account

Hi! I am a host in Belarus. From my previous US trips I have bank account in US bank and SSN (got it while worked on J1 visa, on card it says “with DHS approval only”). Since there is only Western Union (with $10 fee) and Payoneer payout methods available if you choose Belarus in payouts setting, I decided to use my existing US bank account to receive money. I’m not US resident of any kind, but airbnb asks me to fill US tax forms (W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN). I don’t want to pay taxes to IRS since I’m not US tax resident and I’m not renting out apartment in the US.
So, which tax for should I fill?
Thank you!

You need to ask an accountant in your country.

But it’s not about my country. I asked to fill US tax forms.

No you are asking for money to be sent to the USA where you don’t live and are not a citizen. My husband is a French national living in the USA with a bank account in France. France required him to give out his US SS # and his USA banking info including address, dob etc. before they would wire some of his money. I don’t know what Belarus requires to take money you are earning there and send it to another country. There are international banking regulations involved. You need to be careful about this.

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Do you host in Belarus or a third country?

Have you updated your residence and mailing address information with the US bank?

How will the funds return to Belarus? It is likely cheaper to have them received directly there, even if there is a fee for one of the payout services, as a bank isn’t going to give you the actual market exchange rate.

As far as taxes go, you must also work out the declaration of the funds to your national and local governments.

I host in Belarus. I haven’t updated my residence and mailing address information with the US bank, it’s set to my belarusian address.
I thought of withdrawing it in ATM (our ATM have USD in them), still cheaper than paying 10$ to WU.
I’ll figure out way to pay local taxes, the problem is how not to pay US ones.

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