Hosting - buttons removed

Here is an odd one. Had a very nice young couple, booked out and the place was great except that most of the mother of pearl buttons on the Duvet appear to have been neatly cut off the Duvet and carefully laid out on the desk in the room. Took me about 2 hours to sew them back on ( non operative index finger makes sewing difficult before you say anything). I can imagine one or even two buttons coming off but 5? There is always something to keep you interested! Graeme

I have heard that there are many people who believe that mother of pearl is poisonous. It’s not true, but maybe they thought so!

That’s news to me, the shellfish maybe sometimes but not by the time it is a button! But if that were their issue they only had to ask for another cover. At least the threads were cut not the cover itself.

I’m glad at least they were careful doing the button removal.

Sometimes people do the oddest things. My last guests unplugged and DISSASSEMBLED my low wattage night lights. If they didn’t like night lights in the hall and bathroom, unplugging would do.

Another guest left a nasty note about the horrors of me including 4 bottles of spring water in a welcome goody basket. Of course all four bottles were slurped down. (We recycle plastic bottles, its only 4-8 bottles used a week, I’ve tried leaving a pretty pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator and it was not well received-they want sealed containers).


I recently bought a set of reusable water bottles which I fill with the purified water I buy in bulk. I think the water from my dispenser tastes better than the cheap bottled water anyway. Of course I sanitize the bottles before refilling them but it did occur to me that some people wouldn’t trust it but I decided that was their problem not mine. I’m not obligated to provide anything and I don’t list it as an amenity. So far plenty of people are drinking it and one guy even messaged me asking for more, it was so tasty.

I’ve also replaced the individual packaged half and half with a small bottle in the fridge. Again, maybe a turn off to people who don’t trust open stuff. I decided it’s my rental and my need to try to do the right thing for the environment is more important than their irrational phobias.