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Hosting a teenager, booked by their parent

I got this request just now:
My daughter (16) will be attending an English course (EF school - xxx St) - could she be your guest?
Is the area safe for a teenager?
Could we enjoy some discount for the period?
How could she reach the school from your place?
Is the walking to the nearest stop or station long? Safe?”

Has anyone here had requests like these before? I state in my listing that I don’t accept bookings on other people’s behalf, that’s my main concern. Any thoughts?

Airbnb explicitly says this is not ok in one of their online documents - https://www.airbnb.co.in/help/article/427/can-i-book-on-behalf-of-a-friend-or-family-member

This might be in the Terms of Service, but I’m not sure where. Anyone?


Thanks Faheem, glad to see it’s Air’s policy too!

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No no no no! Not allowed. I had a request like this and politely declined. This is a minor and they can not use Airbnb legally. And it’s not allowed to book for someone else on Airbnb TOS. DECLINE ASAP!



I’ve declined, thanks for the advice!


Thank you for the follow up here! You did the exact right thing.

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Phew, @eyeborg - so many red flags in that request it looked like a bull fight… good escape!

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