Host wants to stay in self contained Garden Room

I would really appreciate some advice with this.
I have a self contained “Garden Room” in my garden that I could stay in while I rent out the whole house to guests. It has it’s own separate entrance through the side entrance so I would not interfere with the guests comings and goings. They would have access to the whole house and garden but the “Garden Room” would be marked as Private on the door entrance and it is quite close to the house itself so they might hear the tv if they were in the garden but it wouldn’t be very loud. They wouldn’t even know I was in the “Garden Room” because all the windows are blocked up facing the garden area. Also it would be padlocked so they would not be able to gain access.
I’m just wondering if any other Hosts have done this and have there been any problems?
It would be really helpful to hear other Hosts experiences.
Thank you.

You need to be very clear in your listing that you live on the property in a separate part.
You can do it, but the value of the rental may go down a little ( I know as I have 2 houses, and I do live in an apartment in one ).
Some guests will pass…they will not want it.
Others, generally mature couples or family groups, will appreciate your being on site to immediately handle issues.
They do “need to know” you will be there. Otherwise you will get slammed in reviews.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I wasn’t sure how to approach this as the “garden room” is lovely & I could stay in there no problem for a few days while letting out the house.
I thought that as I wouldn’t have anything to do with them while they were staying that it would be ok…

Hi Colette

My feeling is that you should just be straightforward and upfront about the arrangement. Rather than forelock tugging and hat doffing, just be clear that you live in another part of the property that, while completely self contained and with its own access, is a part of the property and right next to the house. If you start out with explicit or even implied promises about being as quiet as a mouse and invisible, you’re inviting problems I think. Remember the adage “under-promise, over-deliver”. Being honest about what your listing offers helps to attract the right kind of guests for your property. If you get the wording right, guests will hopefully feel that they’re getting the perfect balance between privacy on the one hand and having you close by should they need you on the other.


My listing is similar in that I’m on the property. I’ve not had to cut my prices.
I’m very clear in my wording so that guests know. Those that don’t like it, usually want to have a party, or fill the place with extra guests, and you don’t want them.

Here is my listing, feel free to use the wording if it helps. Read the reviews that discuss privacy.

Thank you for taking time to reply. I appreciate it.
I think you are right… I’m just going to be honest.
I’ve been staying with relatives & I’m beginning to outstay my welcome so the “garden room” is my only option from now on when guests come.
Thank you

Thank you Louise.
Your place is fab.
I will just have to be clear that I will be staying in another part of the property.

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The chair beside the river is just bliss, what a beautiful location.

Is that the famous oak table or am I mixing it up

None of my business really but curious as to why you are renting out your primary residence rather than the garden room? As a guest I prefer places that don’t have all the hosts personal things in them. I’m able to make myself more ‘at home’…

But yes, in regards to your listing you really need to disclose that you are on the premises. It can be in your favor - knowing you are on the premises will prevent guests who want to secretly throw a party from booking your place… I rent a mother-in-law apartment in my basement and have not had to drop my prices. Good guests don’t care if you are on site as long as you give them their privacy if that is what they are looking for. I’m very clear in my listing that I let the guests set the tone of their visit and how much interaction they have with me…

Different areas use different phases to describe the same thing: Are you describing staying in a small guest cottage in the garden that is very close or adjacent to the rental home?

Hi, it is a small “garden Room” & yes it is right beside the house but it has it’s own separate entrance…down a side entrance

I’m new to hosting on Airbnb so I was trying to get as many guests as possible but I didn’t realize the hassle I would have to move in with relatives…so now I’m thinking I’ll just use the “garden room”…

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I have a similar situation but my “apartment” is in the basement with a separate entrance. I make it VERY clear in my listing that I live on site and have them confirm they have read my entire listing description as well as house rules before I accept the booking. I LIKE the fact that all my guests know that I live on site. It has discouraged any heavy partying and so far I have had great guests throughout the summer. Here is my listing so you can see the verbiage I use -

When I greet them upon arrival i remind them that I live on site and they may see me in my garden and that if I am not home, I am only a text away. I don’t watch TV much any way and never when my guests are in the house as I don’t want the sound to bother them. I did get a set of bluetooth ear buds so if I want to watch something, I can do that on my laptop.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much… I’m getting lots of help on here. …I wish I had done this sooner :wink:

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OoooOOO, you’re in Bobcaygeon. I love Bobcaygeon!

Do come, I’m installing a hot tub to increase my off season bookings.

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We actually have family there, on Front Street. We used to have a trailer on Pigeon Lake. Absolutely wonderful place.

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