Host turns away guest because his friend is black!

So this happened in my neck of the woods this week…It seems as if the media everywhere lately is chomping at the bit for a piece of Air. Not that this excuses this hosts behaviour.

The city (neighbouring mine) is infamous for segregation and racism. :frowning:
Should this woman be kicked off the platform?

Damned straight she ought to be de-listed!

People have an absolute right to have whomever they’d like in their home, but once someone has decided to host they need to be pretty open to people from all walks of life. Being denied because of who you are is humiliating and Airbnb and its host and guest community shouldn’t endorse that kind of behavior.

There are some tricky caveats, as we’ve seen discussed here and in other host forums: hosts who have religious or ethical reasons for keeping their kitchens Kosher or meat-free ought to be able to ask that guests respect those boundaries. I can understand that but can’t abide by similar religious/ethical reasons for barring LGBTQ or unmarried couples. You can find plenty of other grey areas around service animals and allergic hosts or age/familial status and hosts that aren’t childproofed or don’t want under 21 renters.

That particular host sounds like she was hosting illegally and didn’t want a black guest because her building is so white a POC would bring attention to her. She sounds like an all-around piece of :poop: person. She and her ilk can start a lodging platform for white supremacists or religious fundamentalists so they can properly pair themselves with likeminded people. Airbnb is right to remove those hosts - guests shouldn’t be exposed to that ignorance when they’re making vacation plans.


According to the article, she already was removed.

The host was an idiot on two fronts. She was also letting her apartment illegally.

oh! I was under the impression it was ok’ed by the strata for some reason. Either way, I agree! I hope she is publicly humiliated for it. What a moron.


I can’t say it better than this

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Can’t say fairer than that. We live in supposedly a free country so can decide who we have in our homes. We are also free to use Airbnb … or not if we disagree with its philosophies. Yet people choose to use Airbnb when there are so many other ways of renting out property and/or making a living.

If hosts don’t agree with Airbnb’s policies regarding providing accommodation for all then don’t use Airbnb. Simple.


Yes, as much as I hate the current phony AirBnB non-discrimination policy, this is pure racism and should be banished from the platform.

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