Host Service Fee Malta

Hi everyone,

I am based in Malta and I am considering listing my property on Airbnb, I just wonder how much is the host’ service fee for each reservation?

Welcome Bridio93. You really need to read all of the Airbnb materials. The subject of Service Fees is certainly covered there. Service fees do not vary by geographic location, they vary by listing type, size, price and other factors.

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Thank you KenH,

I will have a look in the help center section, do u have a link by any chance?

The host pays 3% regardless of location. The guest pays the bulk of the fees. I feel that it doesn’t matter whose bill it shows up on, it all comes out of my pricing power. According to Airbnb fees can be up to 20%.

For your information, Airbnb increased their service fee to hosts on 26 juillet 2018. The service fee is now between 3 and 5%!!