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There is a host on another forum who has travelled extensively as a guest, and said that unless there was some serious issue with a listing, he used to give 5* s and send the host private feedback about things that really needed to be stepped up, assuming the host would be grateful the comments were offered privately and address those things.

But after looking back at many of those listings some time after and seeing that more recent guests were leaving reviews complaining of crummy mattresses, lack of adequate kitchen utensils, threadbare towels, stained linens, no reading lamps, etc., the same things he had mentioned privately to the hosts, he ceased to be so kind about the star ratings and keeping the complaints amd suggestions to private feedback.

Mine too. I’ve had three “complaints” that I’ve received in private feedback. I don’t plan to do anything about any of them nor do I expect two more guests will be chiming in about any one of them anytime soon.

  • I’d prefer the shower had two knobs instead of the one large paddle knob because I have two knobs at home.

    [hmmm. nope. not remodeling the shower.]

  • I know that no one can see through the frosted glass in that little bathroom window and I looked from outside and it’s too high up to see anyway and it doesn’t seem like anyone would even be back in that area for any reason but I couldn’t help wondering if someone might be able to see a shadow or at least the light change a bit if I got close enough to it and moved around a lot if they tried hard enough, you know if they had a ladder they might be able to tell that I was in there or at least see that light was on. …so I recommend because all women will feel a lot safer if you put a little curtain in there, just something cute or something the same color as the wall so the window isn’t so noticeable. It would need to be washed now and then but it would help hide the window better.

    [ummm. wow. seriously sorry you had all of those thoughts. but nope. not putting a curtain.]

  • It might feel nice if the apartment had an assigned parking spot instead of having to worry about which spot to take each time you come and go.

    [umm. nope. there are only 4 parking spots just pick one.]


However, the 3rd time I found a kitchen nightlight in a bathroom I immediately bought more nightlights and put one in each bathroom. Same for finding the kleenex from the bedroom on the back of the toilet, I bought more kleenex immediately.


Must be awful to go through life concocting imaginary scenarios to freak yourself out.


Like no lamps. It seems to me they were just low or out on the disposable dishes and cutlery. But if 3 people in a row said the room needed more lights or better AC I’d have a dilemma. I think not a single lamp is inexcusable but I don’t understand why it doesn’t bother the other guests.

On the other hand I stayed in an Airbnb room with what was terrible light, only two bedside lamps and nothing else and I didn’t mention it in the review or private comments.

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It’s amazing to me how many listings I see where there are no bedside lamps. I can only assume that these hosts never read in bed, never have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, and it has never occurred to them that other people do.

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I’d actually address “no lamps” at the first complaint, because it would make sense. On the other hand, @JJD’s complaint about the shower handles isn’t worth addressing, maybe not even after three complaints.

I think this happens because guests are asked explicitly by AirBnB during the review process what the host can do to do better. So the guests are supposed to come up with something even if they didn’t really have anything to complain about.


About lighting - for some of us, dim lighting is deliberate. My place is for sleeping mainly so the common areas have just enough light to prevent bumping into furniture.

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This overhead lighting wasn’t dim, it was glaring. And I have astigmatism so that made it really awful.


There seems to be two reasons for Newbies to ask questions. Either they didn’t do any research and/or want it spoon fed to them, OR the Website is so horrible that it is hard to decipher. My problem was the latter.

Does this guest hang her boobies on the window screen???
We have CLEAR GLASS on the shower window!!! We sometimes walk the dogs past Gypsy, maybe 10 yards away. Can’t see into the goddamn shower. Too much scum on the window! But honestly I had considered a plastic overlay in a rain pattern…

I went to one! Airbnbn went we went to buy Gypsy in Nola. That host it turns out was related to a family in my small hometown. His pooch visited and ate our cheese and crackers off of the coffee table ( while host was visiting). ! I guess I got lucky and had some natural requirements to do hospitality successfully. Also much world travel experience.

Yes >learning how Not To Do something can be very valuable. But I doubt Airbnbn will ever help to finance anything like this idea. I would use this incentive to come stay at my airhostsforum friends places you can be sure of that!
Maybe it is Kens way of 'sayin ’ review systems don’t always work, and to set up a nice str can be overly daunting for some.


Good idea…I must admit that when I first thought about being an Airbnb host, I booked one to go and see what was expected.
I have 16 years experience of running a hotel/bar/restaurant so I already understood the expectations but I wanted to see the reality.

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