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Host picture and superhost distinction no longer showing in search results

I understand there’s a big debate on whether or not Superhost is a meaningful status or not. My Superhost status means a great deal to me. I’m disappointed that Airbnb has removed our photos and also our Superhost designation from the search results.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like it has evened the playing field? Is it more “fair” this way?

Don’t worry too much about that. Those results only seem to show up sometimes for me when I do searches. Last week, that’s how it looked…no host photos, this week…host photos and superhost status’s.

There has been a lot of code updating, regression, testing going on in the past week. I bet it will return to normal soon for your listing.

Once again, I must have missed the memo from Air regarding the changes …

It has been this way for a couple weeks when I run searches. I hope it goes back to the way it was!

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