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Host meet up invitation


I just got an invitation to an Airbnb host meet up. Has anyone here participated in their local groups? Pros and cons. It’s on an evening when I have dogs scheduled to be picked up and it’s on the far side of town. So arranging my schedule and making a drive…is it worth it?


It might not be worth it for you, given that you meet up with hosts so often here, but it certainly will be worth it for others attending; think what they’ll learn from you!


They have a facebook group that I joined and so far I’m not seeing anything too impressive. The main value would probably come if and when they begin debating local regulations on impose on us. We are so far behind here that it could be years before that happens.


I joined a local meetup here but so far only one meetup, they charged, and the topics seemed to be mainly for new hosts.
I signed up because I had read about the group in the “Airbnb Community Centre” regarding taxes and local laws. But I think I missed all the activity which apparently was last fall, 2017.
You could sign up and monitor upcoming meetups and go to the ones that interest you.


Is it an “official” Airbnb organised meet-up? Or one organised by, say, a local Facebook group? I’ve been to both types in the past. The official one was a complete joke, absolutely laughable. The one by a local FB group was good - I have made good connections with other hosts and we’ve helped each other out on many occasions.


I’m not sure. There seems to be help from Airbnb, I guess to get emails to send invites to. But the actual RSVP for it said something about “not official, not associated with Airbnb, don’t blame us, blah, blah, blah…”

I’ve already decided I’m not going to this one. I’ll keep an eye on the facebook page and if they have another one on a night when I’m free I’ll consider going.


We get an invitation to these meetups a lot here in The Bronx. I’ve been to several but they seem to be quite pointless. A bunch of hosts eating food paid for by Airbnb at a local host’s place with absolutely no structure to the meeting. I won’t be going to any more of these as I found them a waste of time. I couldn’t even figure out the benefit to Airbnb and basically you’re socializing with your competition. Everyone was nice but mostly people came to eat and left. Here’s one of our invites:


Come join the Bronx Airbnb community on September 30th for a BBQ! The event will be held at a host’s home on City Island. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other hosts in our borough over grilled food.

Space is limited for this event so if you do plan on attending, please RSVP at your earliest convenience. After you have done so, you will receive the exact address closer to the date.

What: Bronx Host Club BBQ
When: September 30th, 2017 - 3pm - 8pn
Where: Host’s Home - RSVP for Address


Do they provide a menu? What about free drinks?


No. Unlike what Maggie posted, this not an official Airbnb sponsored meet up. So there are no funds to provide “free” drinks.

We aren’t a large market with looming regulation so there is no incentive for Airbnb to pay for anything. It seems a host tried to find other hosts to make a facebook group and found a few. It took months to get Airbnb to lend some help in the form of sending out an email to hosts so the guy didn’t have to use the Contact host button and make fake inquries to reach us.


They provided soft drinks at the bbq and at another meeting we had wine provided by the host. We have an official Bronx Airbnb rep who coordinates these meetups. He also coordinates rallies like this one coming up.

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer released a report blaming sharp rent increases on Airbnb and on hosts across the city. This could not be further from the truth. We responded to the Comptroller’s unfair attack and the data analysis used by their office is now being called into question.

Pandering to the powerful by attacking middle class families won’t do a thing to make New York more affordable. It’s time to stop the scapegoating and work with us on a solution.

Join us next Tuesday, May 15th in downtown Manhattan to show the Comptroller the strength of the NY host community and stand against this false report. It’s time we speak out and show the Comptroller that there are many reasons for rents rising in the city – he should focus on fixing those issues and leave hard working hosts alone.

RSVP below to let us know you can attend and make your voice heard!

What: Host Rally!
Where: 1 Centre St (across from City Hall - map here)
When: Tuesday, May 15th
Time: 10:30am (lasting about 1 hour)
RSVP: Click here!

Please share and bring supportive family, friends and roommates who would be interested and available to attend+


I don’t know if it would be worth your time rushing around on a night when you have dog check ins.

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