Host looking to Co-host

Hi All!
Do you know about websites where you can contact host to co-host or looking for admin/host they properties?
Current location:FL

Post in a local host forum and ask.


@Hostinghome Tracy – where?

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I saw this posted today in another thread:

There is a free online portal where you can list your co-host services for free called: FindCoHost
Google “findcohost” and you should get it.

I did not look at it.


I am in Palm Beach now! Do you have any suggestion?

@RiverRock Thanks for your reply, I actually a member of FindCoHost but it seems to be a slow web, did not have much success on there, is actually good that you posted here so more members sing up and start a better flow.

Yes the co-host site has just started up and they don’t have many co-hosts registered as they don’t seem to have invested in marketing it @Hostinghome .

Is there not a local host group for Palm Beach that you can post on @Hostinghome

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:face_with_monocle:Agree with @Helsi

How much should a co-host make, if they are running everything except the cleaning?

I would say from 20%-30%.

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Palm Beach counties and south Florida

This is a forum for hosts @Hostinghome not for you to spam hosts looking for work.

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