Host/Guest comparison

Just comparing a bit of experience I’ve had so far as a guest compared to how I host.

I like to think I do a good job hosting, try to give the guests a good experience but basically leave them to it. My place is priced less than travel lodges and similar places but you get a full house with all mod cons.
I’ve had loads of good reviews and one or two people you just can’t satisfy who don’t seem to look at the listing or pictures or even pay attention to what you say. I’m not a super host.

I’ve stayed at a guys place, it was just a room. Nice tidy guy was great just got about our business. guy was helpful, welcoming and flexible. Not a super host either. All good.

I’ve stayed with other people. All good, not really flexible, kinda do a bit of the hard sell a lot of conditions not the cheapest. All five stars.

So you come to mine you tell me when you want to arrive, you need to stay a bit longer due to your flights no problem. I block the day before and after each booking to prevent hassles, cleaning, etc, etc.

Surely, considerations such as being able to relax or not have to wait with your cases is a factor guests must appreciate. Hotels, want you out on the dot and in after 12, where as some host won’t let you in until late afternoon.

I’m surprised that people don’t seem to value the personal touch and want the hotel experience from Airbnb which, I suppose shouldn’t be by the nature of it?

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