Host Guarantee Issues

Has anyone had any luck negotiating a higher resolution payout from Airbnb? I had a guest punch a hole in my wall, steal my chromebook, set multiple things on fire, and paint my floor, bathtub, and coffee table. Airbnb’s refusing to cover the extensive cleaning and paint removal that was required, and is offering me less than 1/4 of the replacement cost of the destroyed items due to depreciation. They claim my solid wood coffee table depreciated to $0 which is ludicrous…

Are there any means to escalate this, or does Airbnb really just help people who complain loudly on social media?


Getting the real MEdia involved might be an idea, there is an Arbitration Clause.

Are you also pursuing a claim through your own insurance, hopefully that will have a better basis of settlement.

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You can try getting real estimates for the value of the damaged items. Airbnb is being complete a** holes lately with that. They don’t care WHAT was done to your home - If it’s falling under the “cleaning” category you’re on your own. Very sad!

Also, remember you have only 48 or 72 hours to reply to each one of their emails otherwise it’s case closed. So get the estimates and get on it.

Make sure to leave an appropriate review so other hosts can be alert.

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This is a dreadful experience to go through. But stealing your chromebook is a criminal offence, as is setting fires in the UK; it’s arson, classed as a Capital Offence. Have you reported this to the Police? Here, you would, at the very least, need a crime reference number in order to claim on your house insurance.


@Como I haven’t attempted using my own insurance yet- my deductible is $1k and the guests did $1500 damage so that’s not a huge help. I’d pursue this in small claims court, but Airbnb refuses to give me the name and address of my guest, so I can’t even start that process.

@Oded oh wow, I didn’t know they’d just close the case if I didn’t reply fast enough. It’s a shame it doesn’t work the other way- I typically go days waiting for email responses from them.

Joan I haven’t yet- I naively was trying to work through everything with Airbnb first, but now I’m wishing I had immediately involved the police. Sadly since I don’t know the guest’s name, I’ll just have to file a report and hope the police subpoena her name.

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Look on the reservation. You are emailed the reservation when it’s made. If you don’t have that look under “your reservations” on the website.

@KKC- oh wow, thanks. I just saw her last initial on all the contact pages, but on reservations it shows her full name. No address, but that should be enough for a police report. Thanks!

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I do not do it yet, I am on site, but would certainly require a sign in book, name and address if hosting remotely.

@Como, sadly my guests destroyed the log book I had for leaving tips and comments for other guests, so I suspect they would have destroyed any sort of sign in book as well.

The log book would be for your records, not something you would leave with a Guest.

That’s interesting- so you’d need to meet the guests for their checkins
then? I have a keyless entry so no one meets the guests during their stay.

I have a long term rental, I have a security deposit references etc, I could not let somebody I do not know, all you have from ABB is a name, no address no security deposit, in a stand alone rental.

Too risky

Update of the final resolution:
Airbnb decided to pay me $1000 of the $1100 expenses. This is solely because that’s what the guest was willing to pay. Otherwise they would have stuck with their $700 offer that depreciated my items and called my solid wood coffee table $0.

Somehow on the side, they also paid me the full $400 that it cost to clean my house. They said this was unusual and they typically don’t pay for labor or cleaning.

The whole situation worries me- I only lost a couple hundred dollars and a TON of time in the end for this situation- I was lucky. But if someone destroys things that are older, I’ll get hit with a brutal depreciating estimate.

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Glad to hear it worked out for you! Hopefully it will bring back the faith in humans a bit :slight_smile: I know it helped me.

Not all guests are the same so I really hope this is a one time thing and won’t happen ever again.