Host from Norway?

Good Morning -

I connected with a host from Norway and ‘wish listed’ her listing - but I don’t recall the name she uses on this site. Because of her listing my family is seriously considering going to Norway in June of 2017.

I’d love to chat with her - please contact me - thanks! I could use some basic information as to best time to travel considering pricing, crowds, and weather. We are available after May 30 or so. THANKS!

Any other Norwegian hosts, I’d love to connect with you, too. We are so excited. What a beautiful place. It sounds silly, but in reality, I didn’t know such a place existed. I have a listing in Oslo ‘wish-listed’ and the one I mentioned above.

We are a family of 5. My kids are 16, 16 & 12

PS any other of my friends here are welcome to chime in, too, if they are travel tips or any information about traveling in Norway. I’d love to come see you ALL but we have to pick one place. :unamused:

Hi there, dcmooney. Well, I am. From Norway I mean :).

Yes! Hi!! ,

I am happy if I have inspired a trip to Norway. A little teaser from my area on its way

You really did!

Yes, those photos are amazing. Thanks!

Here is a nice platform, both when it comes to activities and accomodation.

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Was it the lady who had the red house? It was gorgeous,

I wrote you a PM.

… at least 20…

It’s @Liv’s place, that takes 5. Right on the water!

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You and your family are welcome to stay at our place :blush:Åndalsnes?source=mob&s_tag=5AsVsH6s&allow_override[]=

Thanks, @Norwegianhost! Which one is yours? This gives me a list.

It is Tokle gård B&B :blush:

Wow - I look at the listings around Norway and I catch my breath - it’s a big investment for our family to make this trip but I keep thinking “how can we not go?!”

But my dear friends in Norway, I have a few questions -

Most listings have very few reviews. Of course those of you that I’ve connected with I feel confident with - but trying to find a place in Oslo is tricky. Is this because your tourist season is so short? I’m a little nervous booking a place so far in advance if the host is not experienced. The stereotype of Norwegians, though, would give me confidence that they are not going to pull out of the market and leave us with no place to stay. Do you think that’s accurate?

Also - and this may be difficult to answer - is your impression that food in Norway is more or less expensive than the US?

Many Thanks. Your country is amazing. How can you stand all that beauty? My daughter was just looking at photos and saying “why can’t we live in Norway?!” Is it very difficult living through the cold dark winters?

I am new in the travel business, but since I live here, just a few general comments. There are others from Norway in this forum, feel free to add or contradict.

Norway is pricy. Food and (and petrol, and alcohol) is expensive, in the sense of having an agriculture which is quite marginal compared to many other countries in Europe. There are a lot of mountains! Compared to The US, I don’t know. A liter of milk and a decent loaf of bread will cost you 15 - 35 NOK.

Otherwise I cannot say anything about the decency when it comes to reliable hosting, but in general I think people can be trusted to accomodate you in the way they promise.

I must quote my German husband who has been living here for many years;" I feel that I still am a tourist, looking at all this" (all this is more or less around here…). But, the winters are long, dark, and I struggle to find them charming! But we are at the coast, and nice, white winters are more stable in other parts of the country. We have got the storms and hurricanes! And some lovely days in between.

Wow! It all sound so dramatic. I don’t know how I would do with the dark. My husband is fascinated with a town in Russia that has the worst weather - he checks it daily, how much daylight they have an how cold it is. ; ) I think I have to try it some day, just to know if I can handle it…

I think this is really going to happen! Do you know, this is our first big trip that did not involve and adoption or a business trip? My husband was on a project that took us to Paris and London a few times, and other cities. Because my girls were young we could take them and eat cheaply and manage the expense. It feels very odd making such plans, yet I know that people do it all the time - so why not us?

I’m going to order a book on Norway and study at least for a week before booking our flight. I want to make sure we have enough time to see what we want to see - though I’m sure we can’t do it all. I’m hoping for 7-10 days. My daughter has expressed a desire to see some Viking ruins of some kind.

And of course we need to learn a little Norwegian…

Sorry to ramble - just so excited.

Well, since around midsummer is your favourable time to visit, darkness will not be an issue, you will probably ask for darker curtains in the bedrooms (I had that question this summer!). To catch the midnight sun you will have to go to the north though!

Vking ruins! Must check out, there are a few. Strongly recommended is this It’s quite splendid.

That is a sign you MUST go there!!! :smile:

Find in a mountain lodge if you are into hiking! There are plenty to choose from, all depending on your ambitions.

For example:øvringen+rondane

It’s going on the list! Thanks!

Hi Nancy. Funny because I just got a Home Exchange inquiry from a couple in Baerum, Norway for the month of July (I had to turn them down because that is one of my busiest Air months – my listing says October through April, only). A couple of things I did while planning our trip to Italy – I bought travel books at the thrift stores. Things in Europe don’t change all that much so 95% of the information is accurate. I tore out the sections that were pertinent in the books and took them with us and discarded them during the trip (except for the guides for Rome, which we left intact and gave away on our last night to hapless, young American women). Try Skyscanner for the airfare. I got almost daily notices for the airfare (either up or down) and when the price dropped $700 in one day, I jumped on it! With insurance, I paid a little over $800 Denver to Rome on Lufthansa with excellent departure and arrival times.

Now I want to go to Norway!