Host fatigue? Try this

Hosting is many things: fun, interesting, and sometimes lucrative. But, one thing that you may not know until you are in the thick of it is that it is certainly not easy, especially for full-time hosts who are frequently churning guests. Why is it so much work? Hosts need to market the property and work out the logistical aspects of the rental agreement, as well as hand off keys to each guest, be on call to answer any questions, and provide a clean home, fresh towels and sheets, stocked toilet paper, and more. Host fatigue is a true phenomenon in the peer-to-peer rental market.

To host well, one must invest time and energy to create the guest experience recommended by Airbnb, one that rivals a hotel’s hospitality and consistency. As Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy Chip Conley tweeted: “To my few hoteliers: it ain’t the bricks & mortars of the building that defines “hospitality,” it’s the heart & soul of the hosts / staff.”

While Chip’s sentiment is correct, it does not change the fact that organization and methodology are required to create that consistently hospitable environment for your guests in a peer-to-peer rental. After all, operating bed and breakfast inns can be a full-time pursuit and HomeAway reports that it takes hosts an average of 8.4 hours per week marketing and managing their vacation rental properties…(read more at the link below).

If you’re tired you should use a management company that knows the Airbnb platform really well and has a tight integration with Airbnb. Pillow is your best choice if you’re looking for a full service management company to take care of your property on Airbnb, Homeaway or VRBO. Pillow offers the lowest commission fee and has the best technology in the vacation rental industry. Based out of Silicon Valley, their founders have years of experience building and growing technology companies. They are also very focused about providing exceptional customer support and have brought over a number of employees from top tier hospitality companies. Over the last two years Pillow has served over 10,000 reservations on Airbnb. It’s clear they know how to handle every type of guest, situation, or if issues comes up they will be resolved. Other reason to use Pillow: they have the top vacation rental booking engine, vetted in-house professional cleaning teams and live local support staff available 24/7. Their team knows how to take care of guests and is making major advances to add to the guest experience. Pillow is also committed to giving owners the best experience possible. Pillow allows owners the flexibility to use their homes whenever they’d like and has local staff watching over their homes so they feel comfortable renting it out to short term guests. If you have “host fatigue” then you should sign up for Pillow. The team will onboard your property right away and start servicing reservations within a few days.

Hey Mickey,

If host fatigue has set in, just know there are some cool companies that help take some of that weight off of your shoulders. We in particular help hosts who may want to take a break from hosting or have gotten a little burned out.

At SmartSpace, we make it extremely easy for hosts to maintain the same level of interaction and attention paid to their guests as they did on their own, with no effort needed on their part. A lot of our hosts actually do a fair share of traveling in their own right. We manage their spaces while they travel. In particular we manage units via listing platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway & others.

We manage the check-ins, key exchanges, the booking communications, & even the cleaning services as well as 24/7 guest support for property guests that have booked the room/unit. We even help your guests receive a local experience while staying at a SmartSpace managed unit. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we handle your listings for you. If you have any other questions about host fatigue or need help with your unit don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re here to help.