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Host communication immediately after accepting a request

After I click “Accept” for a request, I get a popup prompting me to check off a box accepting Airbnb’s hosting terms and legalities and type an optional message to the guest. I typically mention I look forward to having them stay here and don’t reach out to the guest until a few days before check-in. But I’m not sure if this is the best practice. What do other hosts do? Do you type or copy and paste a longer message with specifics for them to review right away? Do you go straight to sending guests instructions on how to check in etc immediately after a booking is confirmed? Timing-wise this is an important moment during which you have your guest’s anticipation and attention, and it’s a good time to set right expectations for their visit, create and solidify the host-guest relationship, and prepare your guest as much as possible for a smooth check-in… but how do you leverage that opportunity for communication… how does your very first message after accepting a request sound?

I do the same as you. If the booking is more than three days away; I say, “Thank you very much for booking with us.” Three days before the check in date I give them parking instructions and ask for their check in time if they haven’t given it to me. If I know that they are flying in; I ask for the name of the airline and the flight number.

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I immediately send them my guest guide including address, contact information, and sundry other stuff. Also info about that form the govt has me fill in. No reason to wait. If I wait, I’ll probably forget about it.

My first msg thanks them, tells them arrival time is 3pm, but that they can give me their exact arrival time closer to their date, that I will contact them closer to the time with details for getting to the house (I usually do this a week before) and tells them if they have any questions please contact me.

Sorry Ellen, I replied to the wrong person

I send a thank you message right after booking which includes the sentence, “I will send you a detailed email two days prior to your arrival.” Why two days before and not earlier? I want all of the instructions, including a reiteration of the house rules, to be fresh in their mind.


Usually I have some conversation with a potential guest before I hit Accept. I try to make sure that the guest is a good fit for location and needs, and also that they understand the taxes and house rules. If I’m really lucky they’ll even indicate if they are arriving by air or car, and what approximate time they will get here. Once that part is done, I will say “let’s touch base a few days before your visit for directions and other final details”

I immediately send my guest info document and the amount of tax due that they will need to bring in cash.

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