Host cancels due to question

I refuse to hit a heart for this story. Oh.My.Goodness! This is maliciously brilliant… makes me no longer doubt if I should go out to the trucks to the delivery folks to check stuff before they bring it in. But I don’t have to worry about being killed for a freezer.


What??? What a crazy story! As if you would make up some story like that to get a second set of appliances!

Yeah…you technically signed for the appliances. And technically the delivery guy stole them from you!

For god’s sake. That is robbery. Bosch knows who their delivery guys are.
Call the cops, Gut!!!

We didn’t even get to talk to anyone in charge within Bosch. We got to talk to the store manager, who listened and told us that this was out of his league and that he had to send it up the chain of command. At this point I very clearly told him about 5 to 7 times that I personally wanted to talk to his superior. Because I didn’t want “The Wizard of Oz” to give me his final decision without even listening to the story as I lived it. Four days later the Wizard of Oz did exactly that.

It is absolutely the craziest story ever. And every time I think of it, it still makes my blood boil.

And the lovely thing is also: If I want to replace those items, Bosch is the ONLY option for products with those characteristics here in Peru. And to make it all better: The price for that oven has gone up with $ 300,00 since we first bought it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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In a lot of places, deliveries are outsourced. They may not have a clue who these people were/are.

@GutHend. This is a twitter moment if ever there was one. Bosch wouldn’t like this appearing in their public feed at all.


Gut… write a letter to the CEO of the company… Send it snail mail. That way it doesn’t fall into a black hole. Don’t let them do this to you.

I guess in the future, if they want to take them back, you ask for the paper you signed back as well. But I am guessing that won’t happen again.

What if you order again and get the same band of bandidos as before!

Do you remember their names or anything? I would file a police report.

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We have filed charges and the cops are on it. We have also called for mediation through a consumer organization.

Bosch defense until now is that a third person pretended to be one of my workers towards the “real” Bosch guys and pretended to be a Bosch guy towards me. Yes, one was wearing black and the other was wearing blue :roll_eyes:.
They didn’t ask anyone’s identification and didn’t identify themselves either.

But… they brought the very products you ordered to your home. They WERE the delivery crew entrusted with your items. How on earth can that possibly not be trackable?

It at least is a very evident lack of any protocol on their behalf. It maddens me.

Supposedly the delivery crew met a “third person” on the street and assumed he was my worker. Of course they are totally part of the scam but it’s impossible to prove.

Don’t blast her on communication–maybe just give her a 4* for communication. She’s apparently a new host and is just learning the ropes. We’ve all made our mistakes in the beginning–I know I did. She agreed to let you stay and as you’ve said, the place ticks all the boxes, so give her a chance. In fact maybe you can share some of your own hard earned wisdom with her if she is open to it.

I had a similar scam done on me. I’m an apartment owner as well as an Airbnb host. I ordered several stoves for some of my long term tenants as well as a refrigerator for one of my units from Lowe’s. The last stove I ordered was not delivered. I was told it had been delivered to the tenant who was receiving the refrigerator and that she had signed for it. Apparently the delivery person had shoved the paperwork for the stove in her face and told her to sign when the refrigerator was delivered–who bothers to read that stuff? I pointed out that the tenant who signed already had a new stove that had been delivered a month ago–she didn’t need another one. I also pointed out that her address was a block away from the address the stove was supposed to be delivered to. Long story short, I went round and round about it, even calling the corporate headquarters. I insisted that the stove had been stolen most likely by the delivery service possibly with the help of someone in the store. Finally after about two months it was agreed that the stove had not been delivered and would be reordered. And guess what? The delivery service had been replaced by a new one!!!


I disagree, I sent a simple, polite question. I have good reviews as a guest and host. Cancelling my booking caused me considerable inconvenience and time spent looking for another place. Never mind the stress. Im not going to get into how my health issues were effected. I was astounded at her actions.

Ok so let’s meet at my address at 5:30 on Friday and I will hand you the keys. Will that be good?
I have wifi.

Do you have any option for me to pick up a key without meeting you. I’m concerned about keeping you waiting if I’m stuck in traffic.


Find another place.
You don’t need the drama!

I concur. It sounds like your gut has decided you don’t like this host, probably for good reason. You will be on edge the entire time waiting for them to do something else unreasonable or irritating. It’s like finding the perfect house and then running into snags trying to buy it. You hate to give up on it, you’ve invested so much effort, but sometimes you just have to walk away. There is always another house --and another Airbnb – out there, maybe not as perfect but might be good enough and even surprise you with an unanticipated good feature, such as a warm, welcoming experienced host.

I never said I didn’t like host. Maybe she had a bad day. She certainly overreacted. If I didn’t think it would work, I’d find something else. You may have noticed hosts posting here with fears about x,y,z that other hosts assure them are not red flags.
On a fb air page, a host was going to refuse to allow a woman to bring a toaster for her stay. Similar safety issues t hair dryer or straightner, Really.

Update. Just had a message from host, when was I checking in on Friday. She has a work deadline and can’t be there to meet me til 8 pm, would I like access to the key (lockbox) for self checkin on Friday! This is so ridiculous, all that drama and stress wasted. Almost makes me want to cancel, such a lack of consideration and forethought. Host reiterated her preference for meeting guests, I referred her to my host and guest reviews to reassure her.

"Ok, sure. I’m not worried about not meeting you, I see you’re a good person. "

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Very worried when it’s suits her and you needing to fit with her, not worried when it impacts her schedule. Super annoying and time waster. I do hope the stay is otherwise perfect and apartment meeting your needs as advertised.