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Host cancellation fees?

Hi all,

I was charged a $200 cancellation penalty for two different reservations from Airbnb. I tried to apply for “extenuating circumstances” to remove the penalties but it did not work out.

I do not plan to host guests again using Airbnb ever again. That said, I currently have a -$200 balance. So here’s my question: When will they take out the money out of my bank?

Thank you in advance!

No but they could turn you into collections or the credit agencies, especially if you are in the U.S., because they have your social security number.

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Since when are tickets delivered to an address? When you buy online, don’t you get a PDF to print out? Or some such? Could you call the football place and ask if that’s how they do things? do they mail tickets out? Why can’t he pick them up at the box office or have them sent general

But for the first 6 month if you do just once is it free right

They work on the assumption that you will continue hosting.

After a time, they will attempt to recover the money. It would be in your interest to contact them and make arrangements to pay now if you never intend to host again.

Should you choose not to, you will ultimately pay for the collection company they will enlist to compel you to pay up. In essence, you will pay for the rope they use to choke you.

Pay or make arrangements to pay to avoid 7 years of ill repute with the credit bureaus.

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