Host Bot to automatically answer questions from guests

Just came across this interesting product currently in beta, which looks very promising. Hosts, if you find yourself answering a lot of the same questions from guests, this might be the solution for you!

I’d like to invite you to join the beta for Hostbot by Burner. This text-messaging bot takes care of the tedious task of responding to the most frequently texted questions from your vacation rental guests. You simply provide answers to the most common questions guests have while staying at your rental (takes about 5 minutes), and then when guests text you, the bot will answer those questions, while still letting you answer other more important ones.

You can [sign up for the beta here] and you’ll receive an email with instructions shortly after.


I don’t get this. Firstly, it’s better to always communicate with guests on the Airbnb platform and secondly, it’s pretty easy to use saved message there. I guess I missed something…

Another thing - I don’t believe that many hosts are bothered by guest questions because each one is a) a sales opportunity if the guest hasn’t booked yet and b) an opportunity to demonstrate your helpfulness in order to gain great reviews from guests currently on their trip. Surely stock answers can’t achieve those goals? Or can they?


Hi Tommy! It’s always good to see you posting!

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Hey there, I wanted to chime in, as I am one of the designers of Hostbot. Thanks for your feedback and questions.

I’ll give a bit of a better explanation, that will hopefully help clear up our service. We aren’t focusing on any of the communication that Host’s do with potential guests, or before a person books. This is for communication that happens while guests are at your property (and if there is no host present at the property during guest’s stay). We’ve found that for many hosts, they typically open a line of communication through text messaging or email - something that is more immediate and within their normal day-to-day lines of communication (something other than Airbnb messaging). For example if there is a toilet overflowing, many hosts we’ve talked with like to have direct contact to handle situations like that.

If you’re a host who never communicates via text with your guests, then you are right, this product is not for you. And that is OK. Right now, we’re trying to serve those who do use text-messaging and we hope to that really well. Apologies if Hostbot cannot help you as it is designed, but we hope to learn more and expand functionality in the future.

I hope that helps and am happy to answer any other questions.