Host as Guest, embarrassing myself

I get a lot of telemarketers and had one just last night from a Florida number. I am on my way to Florida so I picked up and heard a little of the sales intro and hung up. Today the phone range once with a Florida number which I ignored, twice when I picked up and couldn’t hear anyone speaking and finally a man said hello on the last call. I proceeded to rant about how I had picked up for this number twice with no response and curtly asked who was calling. The man meekly said, “This is your Airbnb host in Florida”, lol. We ended up having a nice chat and clarified some check-in detail. He’s probably complaining about his cranky guest on some host forum.


That’s funny, Christine. When I get a confirmed reservation, I add the guest’s phone number to my contact list. That way, if they should call me, their caller ID name would appear. You could do the same as a guest.


haha, I had a similar thing happen last week, where I was travelling on the road in outback Australia, heading for a cheapo rural motel, and got a phone call from an (02) number, meaning New South Wales, not the state I live in. The woman had an Indian accent, and with the poor reception it was difficult to understand her (and I’m usually pretty good with various accents) and I didn’t understand the first sentence she said at all. Given I get many telemarketing/scam calls per week from indians (and sadly for Indians, they surely must not be very usable as CS staff nowadays) I was hesitant to keep talking. I asked her to repeat the question (I was driving 9 hours that day, I had some time to kill), and turns out she was asking when i’d be arriving to the motel as she had to pop out to do a school pick up. :sweat_smile: