Horrible guest experience

hi all! I had a terrible experience with a guest, Stephanie Holland booked my place and looked very nice and kind, she stayed for a week through airbnb and i gave her a good review, then she came and ask to pay monthly fee wich is very cheap and pay me in cash and so she did, during that month she nagged about everything and asked special things like more pillows more towels etc she complained about every other guest and i was super nice and patient always, then her last day she told me she had her menstruation and she had no toilet paper so she used three of the places towels and i was like ok so now u have to pay for them because blood doesnt come off plus is disgusting and she said she wont pay for anything that im so ridiculous and asked me please not to ever contact her about this again. I feel so frustrated specially because i left her a good review before all this happened and i was always nice and kind and she was really mean and she got away leavingme with three bloody towels id like to at least remove my review is that possible???i cant take it out of my system i guess its a lesson of never taking money outside airbnb

NEVER give discounts. NEVER accept cash. NEVER work outside AirBnb. I think you’re lucky to have gotten away with a couple bloody towels.


Blood does come off. Soak in cold water for 24 hours and then wash in a cold wash. It should come out.

I’ve been caught out before… nightmare.


You might want to consider having a few emergency supplies such as toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine protection, makeup remover and a razor. This should reduce your towel use for such things.

And as @Zandra says, it can be washed out. There isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t had to do that. I highly recommend some enzymes in that first soak in cold water.

Lots of salt in cold water works.

I keep a box of tampons in the room. Knock wood have never had guests stain sheets like that.

I don’t think you’ll have much luck getting money for replacement towels as Airbnb won’t be able to help you with this.
What kind of disgusting person uses towels when they run out of toilet paper??!


I know is disgusting even if comes out i dont want those towels anymore…its basic education and really its not little stain is three white towels that are now brown

If they are white and you soak in cold water and wash them with bleach they will be fine. What is your objection to washing and reusing the towels?? There is no way Air will refund you for this and they shouldn’t if you can clean them and are just choosing not to…

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Its not like a little ups stain is three towels soaked on blood…there r in the laundry and i dont want airbnb to give me a refund though id like to remove the review i gave her before this…

Jess I had a situation where a guest had a major accident resulting in a huge blood stain that soaked through three layers of bedding. The duvet, sheets and mattress protector and cushions on the bed were all affected by a stain approximately 30 cm by 30 cm. The guest hadn’t told me; I just came home to find a dried blood stain.

It all came out using the method I described, and I’ve continued using the sheets for other guests. My cleanliness rating is 97% so it really hasn’t been a problem.

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You aren’t going to be able to get the review pulled. That is water under the bridge.You need to let it go and as you noted take this as lessons learned… You can’t change that it happened all you can do is learn from it, move on and not let it continue to be source of stress for you. She is not worth it!!


So true. Leave female products in the bathroom and hosts should make sure that they are approachable. I’ve had guests ask me for many strange things (although not tampons because there is always a box in the bathroom).

I’m not quire clear from the OP what the guest used the toilet paper for. As makeshift sanitary pads? That’s downright weird unless you’re on the moon where there are no shops.

And as others have mentioned, blood washes out easily. I don’t even soak bloodstained sheets - just spray with Oxyclean stain stuff then wash on cold. If I threw away towels or sheets every time they were were stained with bodily fluids, I’d be buying new every week!

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So is this a shared space where the guest could have asked for more toilet paper? You mention she complained about other guests so I am assuming that is the case?

If this is the case, this is not about you taking transactions outside the Airbnb system. I rent ALL the time outside of Airbnb. People have been renting their spaces way before Airbnb even existed.

You won’t be able to remove her review…BUT Karma is a real bitch. I recall reading about guests one time who used all the wash cloths to wipe off the poo from their ass. Why did they do this? Because they felt they shouldn’t have to go replenish toilet paper. So they got back at the host. Keep in mind many whole home rentals are self-catering and you are not given unlimited toilet paper.

Your guest will get it back in karma and will accidentally shit in her pants one day when she thinks she only has to fart, then it will be dripping down her leg, and she is stuck on the subway. She hopefully won’t be on her period at the same time. Just feel good knowing that. :slight_smile:

So much for “kettles and duvets”

Let’s hope we don’t nickname our site “periods and poo poo” :smile:


I hereby nominate this as Post of the Day :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I was under the impression she used them in place of toilet paper, to wipe herself. That’s what’s gross! I could be wrong about what she meant though. If it was an accident OP needs to accept that sometime these things happen and move on

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@cabinhost Flippin hilarious.


we have 6 rooms and there is always toilette paper to pick from the counter, she was very good friends with the guest next door that was just a call away and she could at least shower as she was next to the shower it was not an accident as it looks she just wiped herself with three towels wich i find disgusting…and i do beleive in karma and think she will get it back somehow somone will wipe their ass with her towels at her house lol

Thank you all for ur wise advises!!! Its just what i needed a fellow hug lol


U made my day thanx!

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For menstrual blood? Or worse? Sorry, I’m not quite getting this!

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