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Hope you are not sick of me talking about ABB Pricing Tips

Does anyone know if having smart pricing on impacts search results?

I think it does in the fact your prices are constantly updated so that moves you up the search rankings. I turned it on but have manually changed all weekend nights.

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Nice point Cabinhost.

OK, so Smart Pricing is different to Pricing Tips yes?
This thread started out taking about Pricing Tips and ended up as Smart Pricing.
Just learning about these options and am a bit confused.
I have custom priced each day/month for a year.
If I change Smart Pricing will that override my custom pricing (as I found Weekend Pricing did when I activated that!)
And then, does activating Pricing Tips override the Smart Pricing?..

Yes, if you use Smart Pricing it will override your custom pricing. But you can still adjust prices manually. So there’s very little difference really between using manual pricing and Smart. However, when the Smart Pricing updates your calendar, it shows up as ‘calendar last updated [date]’ even though it was automatic.


Frankly, I always took pricing ~tips~ as a suggestion, figured out by a logarithm with many limitations, since every place is somewhat unique, which is impossible for the program to take into consideration. In my case, they suggest $150, I charge 2X that much and booked well in advance, maybe there lies the very reason I never took it seriously. I have no clue how to turn it off.

I gather from the above comments Smart Pricing is a totally different thing. Sounds interesting.

logarithm -> algorithm, presumably. :slight_smile:


Or perhaps he means lagerithm (the speed and tempo at which you drink beer) :laughing: CLEARLY I don’t have any Air problems to deal with today. What shall I do with all this free time? lol


Drink some beer? Or maybe wine…

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yes algorithm* …:rolling_eyes:

They are suggesting I raise my prices to $89 right now… When it’s so dead here in Hawaii I can’t even give it away at $69.

I’ve always ignored them. They have no idea of the extreme seasonal highs and lows we get here.


I suppose their program is there to be helpful, but nothing like following one’s instincts.

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Thanks, I don’t want it to cancel out all my careful pricing just to have a look!

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