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Honeymoon period over - knocked on value


13 reviews - 5 stars across the board, big pat on the back, started to feel good about hosting, providing a lovely place for guests to stay and less petrified.
14th review - 3 stars on value “It felt quite expensive - We appreciated the flexibility offered for an early check in, but 10am check out seemed early on a Sunday morning. Suggest 11 or 12 check out might be appreciated by some guests?”
Logic tells me
a) they were a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children for 1 night), so not soooo expensive.
b) rates are comparable with area
c) She thanked me in the private feedback “thank you for your flexibility. We appreciated the gesture of the welcome box on arrival too.”
d) They could have asked for a later check-out. I have provided this when possible.
So, why do I feel knocked sideways?

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Its just Airbnb’s system of asking more from you for less. If you give guests more of what they want at your expense, it helps the Airbnb brand make more money. Thats why guest satisfaction is so important to Airbnb.


Yep, that makes sense. I can understand that Airbnb wants to make money. I guess it’s trying to maintain a balance of offering value as a host vs making a profit. I haven’t learnt yet how not to be annoyed when I don’t agree with a guest’s perception!


I started offering late checkout in my house rules for a certain price. I had some guests pay another $10 to check out late and I didn’t have any guests checking in the next day so it was no problem. That all depends on the situation though. Sometimes the schedule is tight.

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Please don’t worry. Once you’ve had a little more experience, things like this will be water off a duck’s back. As long as you know that you’ve done your best for your guests and that the accommodation you offer is good value for money, then you can sleep at night and not let people like this worry you at all.

There are people in the world who are either bonkers, misguided or both - and the chances are that at least one or two of them will stay with you from time to time. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the virtual hugs, guys. I’m not normally so sensitive. I KNEW there was something wrong with them when I found they hadn’t eaten the chocolate I’d left for them. WHO DOES THAT?!


Exactly. Weirdos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmm… what exactly does" it felt quite expensive mean"? Was it meant to be a compliment?
Sometimes when you give them flexibility it backfires. I know it stings but let it go. You will have many more 5 star reviews to look forward to. And don’t take it personal. Some people are Morons!


Because you’re new and possibly trying too hard? That’s not meant as a criticism, I remember my early hand-wringing days when guests were unappreciative. It stings.
There is no magic answer - you just have to go through it.
After 600+ guests, I have learned to stop trying too hard. My place is what it is. I don’t do favours unless it suits me or I really like the people.

My motto is: Be nice. Be fair. Be clear. Be firm. And don’t do anything else.

People don’t respect you if you bend over backwards to please. That’s a fact.


If you are going to survive and thrive you’ll need to develop a harder shell. Value like Location is a bogus criteria. What for some people is expensive for others is cheap. Some people are disappointed they can’t see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the Sydney Opera House from a Torquay hotel window. Wait till you get a three on Cleanliness! Chin up. Good luck!


Good point - I’m taking it as a compliment!


That’s a good mantra. And also be respectful of people’s opinions (I’m working on that). Isn’t it funny that immediately I wanted to retaliate and mention the crumbs left on the carpet, the lipstick on the “washed” cup, furniture not replaced in original position… Repeat motto, repeat motto…


You’ve had some spot on, supportive answers here. It will be water off a duck’s back when you’ve had more experience, so don’t worry. Your 14th review won’t put people off booking your place, and I think people will see it for what it is; someone who simply had to find something to moan about.

I was knocked sideways by an early review, by a woman who dinked me on value too. Then I remembered that during their 3 night trip, she had complained about every bloody restaurant I had recommended, Canterbury was too crowded, the White Cliffs were too windy, Sandwich was not by the sea. Basically a real sour faced old bag! It was the realisation that her husband ignored her most of the time, whilst her daughter looked ashamed and embarrassed by her constant moaning that helped me move on.


Definitely I need a harder shell. Probably with experience comes more confidence.


Someone with a dairy intolerance @Cafrin :smile:


I knew there was a logical explanation! :laughing:


Mrs Richardson :rofl:


Joan makes a great point here, @Cafrin. Sometimes you pay the price for a guest’s unhappy life. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about that! Thankfully they’re in the minority, though.
Honestly, you’re going to have to learn and adjust as you go - there’s no other way! But the key thing is not to take things personally. And not to be a door mat. Nobody respects a doormat, they just wipe their feet on it.


Today for work purposes, I was looking at TripAdvisor reviews of a spectacular and well-known hotel. Rooms start at $560 per night.

It had over 11,000 great reviews - and about 800 that were dreadful. So even the most expensive, posh, fully-staffed, opulent, super-trendy million-star hotels get rotten reviews. And a lot of the bad ones were quite ridiculous.

One man, for instance, complained that he’d booked for a family but there was nothing there for his children to do - everything was geared towards adults. Yet he chose the place - and how familiar is that?

Some reviews complaints weren’t even about the hotel but about other guests!

Another great quote for all hosts to bear in mind.


Thank you for all your supportive and insightful comments. Paying the price for some-one’s unhappy life is an interesting one. Perhaps she was going through a bad patch, the weather ruined her weekend, the kids played up, the decor gave her a headache, she didn’t eat enough chocolate… I AM sorry she wasn’t happy, but I’ll take the 3*, enjoy the rain, my feral kids, eat plenty of chocolate and not change a thing about my listing!

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