HomeOwners Insurance

I’m moving out of town to start Grad School and I have a few questions about which homeowners policy I should purchase.

Scenario #1: I was thinking of leasing my house out to tenants on a year long basis and allowing them to Airbnb to supplement their rent. Is there a policy that would cover this? Do you think Airbnb would actually step in if there was significant damage?

Scenario #2: Renting out my entire home on Airbnb and having my wonderful house cleaner flip the house for me. Is there a good homeowners policy that someone currently uses for this? - I personally don’t like renting out the whole house, I feel like guests really need supervision.

Scenario #3: Just renting out the house with a year lease -month to month.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you turn your primary residence into a rental property, and you are in the United States, generally you need to change your homeowner’s insurance to a commercial account. There are tons of providers for such policies. When you move into either running an AirBNB yourself or allowing a tenant to AirBNB, things get more complicated. If you run the AirBNB, you would need to search for a policy that covers short term rentals in addition to your commercial insurance. If you allow someone else to use rooms for AirBNB, you would provide the commercial insurance and the tenant would have the short-term insurance with you listed as the primary recipient of any claim checks.

But, I am not a lawyer, a real estate professional, and have done none of these things listed above except for locating commercial insurance for an HOA in which I have a part-owernship interest.

I like #3!!!
Number one is the worst option of them all and you are opening yourself up to a nightmare… You’ve already seen what potential trouble you can get into with your homeless guests. And you are THERE to supervise!

#2 would be my second choice

And I have no idea why that font got big!