Home Sharers, Help Build Homesharers Platform

34834438_1547068806278981_r Help build a dedicated home sharing platform and apps that will enable home sharers in the United States and around the world to share their homes easily and securely with disaster evacuees, temporarily unemployed and between jobs people looking for a temporary place to stay by visiting our campaign on Gofundme.com/home-sharers

Homesharers .org is a global platform that will provide free short-term stays for individuals and families in the US and around the world during disasters such as California Wildfires, Super Storms, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Typhoons and other situations such as Between Jobs and War Displacement.

Homesharers community of hosts will provide free temporary accommodation to people affected by disasters in the US and other countries around the world through the platform at Homesharers.org and apps.

People who’ve been displaced whether because of war or conflict or other factors are very vulnerable during disasters. They need a place to stay, which is why I’ve been inspired to take action.

  1. The Homesharers platform will make booking homes in areas affected by a natural disaster possible during disasters.

  2. Homesharers will mobilize host community in the affected areas by asking them if they are able to help and list their available space on the platform.

  3. Homesharers.org will connect people in need of temporary homes with hosts that have space to offer in the affected areas.

  4. Homesharers.org will provide 24/7 Customer Support to those in need of temporary homes and their prospective hosts with available space in addition to disaster response information.

Funds raised for this cause will be used to build a home listing website at Homesharers.org , mobile apps such as iOS, Android and Windows to be built by contracted developers.

The funds will also be used to provide background checks of guests, purchase office equipment, staffing and day to day running of the program.

Your support for this campaign at Gofundme will mean a lot to enable me to provide a platform and temporary homes for the needy in America and around the world. Let’s come together as a community and support individuals and families in need of temporary homes. Please share the link with friends and followers on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more.

An appreciation page will be created on the platform to give credit to everyone who donates or helps towards this effort.


Is this being operated as a registered charity?

How will you vet hosts and guests?


Thanks for the question. Homesharers will be run as a non-profit company and the guests and hosts will be vetted through a third-party platform that will be integrated with Homesharers website and apps.

Questions and recommendations about this charity are welcome.