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Home Ecapes (no fees for guests or hosts)

I am thinking of signing up with them, no fees and they process payments so no square fees. Since Airbnb is pissing off a lot of hosts other alternatives.

They will be offering a separate option for feature properties so they will be making money that way and also ad placements.

What do you guys think?


You’re signing up to a hot tub company as an alternative to BNB - how novel :frowning:

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I got the url wrong. I fixed it now.

Thanks for sharing. I’m also looking for more good alternatives to Airbnb. I’ve found some here:

The better alternatives to Airbnb for hosts and travelers

I listed with them and really like what they are doing. It’s awesome having no fees and I think the site is pretty easy to use also. Nothing to lose at least. I know they are just starting out and I’ve seen people on other forums with unrealistic expectations that expect them to immediately replace VRBO but of course it doesn’t work that way from a business standpoint.

If you sign up for their payment option, beware. You are agreeing to let them debit your account for charge backs, frauds and other payment issues.

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