Holiday Sale items for Airbnb

There was a previous thread started by @Annet3176 of good sales on products for our Airbnbs. Since we are frowning on bumping old threads here’s a new one.

If you are a Costco member they have a bidet seat almost half off starting today. I know another member here @HH_AZ had recommended the Toto brand at the Costco price but this is much cheaper. It seems to have good reviews and with the Costco guarantee it’s hard to go wrong. I just ordered it and don’t know if it will be installed before this sale ends but I’ll update with my recommendation if it does happen.


Thanks, @KKC. Maybe this could keep people from finding poopy washcloths between sofa cushions.


ewwww. LOL. I’m buying this seat for me, not my Airbnb. With the TP shortages and all the dead trees I hope it will pay for itself over time. But it’s also part of my aging in place preps on my bathroom.

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Oh, me, too. I’ve wanted one for years. Plus, I don’t trust guests with something with so many buttons and that they’re not used to.

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

:confounded: :face_vomiting:

The reviews are great! Thanks for sharing this!

HaHa ! I read “Auto Wash” feature, my mind interpreted it as “car wash,” and I started wondering if it had floppy scrubber thingies and how that could possible work. Oh, dear.

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Environmentally friendly TP if you don’t have a bidet

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Have you used it? Is it friendly to your skin?

No. I have a charmin hiny. Apparently I hang out with blue bears

How is it those bears brag about their clean underwear but they NEVER ACTUALLY wear clothes in the commercials?


I see some folks have clicked on the link so I’m going to assume there is some interest in this item. It arrived this afternoon, yes it took almost 2 weeks to get here. Amazon has us spoiled.

I had it installed in less than 2 hours. It could be done in less time but I’m slow. Although I’ve seen better directions I’d rate it as very easy to install. Although the directions ask you to cover the seat with plastic to test all the functions I didn’t do that. I tested a few IRL and it seems to work fine. It comes with a plastic laminated instructions card that would be a must have if you installed this in an Airbnb.

I’m happy I got this unit at this price ($200) to try out the concept.

One more note, there’s a minimum clearance needed between the seat and the toilet tank. When I looked at buying the Toto brand which @HH_AZ had recommended it didn’t seem that I had the requisite amount of room. My 20 year old toilet is a water saver with a pressurized bladder inside the tank that provided a high pressure flush. So it’s a bit larger than many tanks. Most modern toilets probably wouldn’t have any problem at all but make sure you measure first.

Also, regarding that unsightly extension cord in the picture, it’s plugged into a gfi. There is a plug on the other side of the wall and I’ll have my electrician come put the outlet in the wall near the toilet. I just wanted to make sure everything worked, fit and I liked it before I have the electrician do work.

Nice! The outlet is the reason I’ve not yet installed one of these in my guest house. When I have some electrical work done, and I have some time between guests, I’ll have that done.

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I should have had them do this when the wall was all opened up during the remodel. D’oh!