History: AIRB deleted hosts, a few years back

what was that all about? I remember seeing it on the news, and reading about the outrage from hosts who were removed, but I’m not sure how much was media hype.

Did it affect many on here?

Wasn’t that a purge of high volume or other “illegal” hosts? In agreements with various municipalities that were suing Airbnb?

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I wouldn’t have thought so - it was mainly hosts who were letting illegally.

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I think it was in 2014 I noticed two of my neighbors’ rentals disappeared from Airbnb & the exact same pictures & information appeared on VRBO. I asked one who told me that Airbnb had discontinued his listing because he rarely had rentals.

At the time I found a news story that Airbnb had purged rentals that did not match it’s marketing strategy which included extremely low volume rentals & hosts with more than 10 rental units who did not identify themselves as an agency or rental professional. Of course I can’t find the article now. I guess it is too old.

Here is a more recent article about listings being deactivated in EU after the process started in the USA. The host has 14 listings and Airbnb closed his listings