High versus low cleaning fee?

I’ve noticed some hosts put a low price on their listing, but when you click on their ad a ridiculously high cleaning fee appears.

I’ve read that click throughs have an impact on a listings placement in Airbnb search. More clicks mean a better click though rate and a better position in search. Furthermore, more people will notice the listing.

Do you think it’s smart to put a low price and high cleaning fee to make a lot of people click on my listing and increase the click through rate?

I am not sure whether click through without a conversion would optimise the listing. Pretty annoying for guests I would have thought.


In a word, NO. IMHO it makes you look like someone trying scam the viewer into thinking they’re getting a good deal. That’s never smart marketing. I will never stay at some place where the cleaning fee is higher than the nightly rate, anywhere in the world. To me that’s a blatant attempt to rip off the guest.