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Hi! Newbiedoobydoo

What was it you wanted to post about?


I don’t know exactly how many years this forum has been in existence (six or seven years?) but during this time we have discussed most things.

So it’s always a good start for a genuine new member to use the search function and see if their question can be answered in a previous topic without starting a new one.

Sure, in some of the older topics things might have changed a bit. Several of the hosts who posted here have now stopped hosting. Price information might be out of date and sometimes we get new or inexperienced hosts writing ‘facts’ that are totally incorrect - but new members can still learn a lot.


Mostly post about random airbnb lunacy. LOL I’m a 4 year superhost with over 500, five star reviews. My place gets $176 more a night on average than other STRs nearby.

Wow, sounds like we’re lucky to have you here…


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I wasnt bragging. I just wanted to let you know my involvement with airbnb. I’m not a spammer or a newbie.

So Don, did you do what I suggested and search the forum for posts relevant to your question?

If so, you’ll see that there are plenty of posts about hosts who don’t quite get Airbnb.


actually no I haven’t been back to the website yet.

Why is it always “500” five star reviews? Why doesn’t anyone say “400” or “23” or “734”? :wink:


sorry I piggybacked on your intro post! I was confused as to how to start a new post.

But you’re a newbie to the forum and the mods here have no way of knowing if someone is being truthful about their hosting experience unless they check out your listing, which isn’t their job. (they moderate for free)

Not only do experienced hosts try to post spam sometimes, many spammers who aren’t hosts at all will say they are.

Just be patient-it doesn’t take that long to be allowed to start a new topic.

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Aaaanyway. I’m really not keen on discounting. We’ve stayed in some nice hotels and rented holiday accommodation over the years. As people have mentioned, I think we have a good idea of what represents quality and value.

The question in many ways is how folks view (and use) AirBnB and of that I’m not so sure, at least in the UK. If it’s the go-to place for cheap rooms, a kind of 21stC YMCA, then maybe I’ve got it wrong.

We visited our daughter in Denver CO a couple of years ago. The traditional bed and breakfast we stayed in was hugely expensive and pretty so-so. The AirBnB house we stayed in was very well appointed however, nothing ‘low-rent’ about it, but represented much better value. There’s a difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘good value’.

Our house has been reconstructed with the experience of someone who’s put a few houses together and (I think) knows what is necessary and what is desirable when you’re away from home.

The place has been put together with comfort, hygiene and simple functionality (everything works as it should) as the guide, whilst maintaining an attractive, contemporary space that you want to be in - I sound like a brochure. Whether people will pay for that remains to be seen. But I’m not discounting. Many thanks for the replies, all very helpful and food for thought.


Welcome to the forum @d0n

We look forward to learning with you, you need thick skin around here just take the best and leave the ret.


I’m not familiar with the UK, but I’ve participated in hosting forums long enough to know that it’s both, pretty much everywhere. Some people are looking for a nice place to stay, whether an entire home, or a private room, or a studio on the host’s property, and are content to pay the price, as long as it’s reasonable. Some are looking for luxury accommodation. Some are just looking for a cheap place to crash and there are also listings which fit that model.

The thing about Airbnb is that there are so many places to choose from which cater to all different sorts of guest situations.

Host from the UK here.

There is no one size fits all different groups use Airbnb for different purposes . Some use them for work, some for hen nights, family holidays, to visit family, for weekend breaks, for beach holidays, to go walking, to party.

Difficult to advise on pricing as you haven’t said where you are based or who you have seen as your target market.

In a coastal resort in Cornwall your pricing would be far too cheap. In an inner city area in Newcastle it might be too expensive.

As you know we’re still under lockdown here so can’t open - opening dates depend which country in the uk you are in.

Go and stay in a few comparable places in your area or nearby to get a feel for what it’s like to be a guest and see what people offer.

If you are listing remotely CCTV is essential.

You need home insurance for STRs for the many areas Airbnb’s guarantee doesn’t cover.

I would recommend you don’t use IB when you first start so you can learn to vet guests.

Make sure you have house rules around no parties, list quiet times inside and in the garden and no-one to be at the house who’s not on the booking @manbitescat

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Thank you Helsi, all useful stuff. We’re based in Southend on Sea Essex. A place of mixed reviews, but a surprisingly popular destination. The house is right in the middle of two conservation areas, mainly !8thC Georgian period and really very nice on a summers day. We live a few minutes away, so don’t think CCTV will be necessary. As for house rules, I’ve done all that within reason. Our pricing reflects the quality of the property and I hope that 3 nights minimum stay at £150 a night (plus ABB ‘service’ charge), will be enough to deter party animals. Guess we’ll find out. If you or anyone else is interested, here’s the description I’ve put together so far. Perhaps too long-winded…


Pretty mid-terraced workers cottage, dating from late 19th century, centrally located in Southend on Sea.
Situated on the border of the beautiful conservation area, the house is within a short walking distance of all the town’s attractions and amenities, including the seafront and the pier.
The house is immaculate and has been completely refurbished from top to toe, including a landscaped garden and outside dining area, plus a large well lit private parking space at the rear of the property.

Your space (optional)

Best described as a worker’s cottage dating from around 1880, the house is in a very nice part of old Southend and has been completely refurbished with a contemporary edge. This provides a light, clean, modern look and feel throughout, whilst preserving all the features of a cosy, intimate living space.
Each room has been furnished and provided with everything to make a well appointed home from home.
The house will comfortably accommodate up to four people and provide stylish accommodation for families, couples and visitors seeking a quiet well appointed retreat with a private garden.

Kitchen & Utility: Gas Hob, Fan Oven, Extractor, Kettle, Toaster, Espresso maker, Microwave, Fridge-freezer, Dishwasher, Washing machine.

Dining Room: Dining facilities for 4 people to eat in comfort. Small TV.

Under-stairs cupboard: Ironing board and iron, vacuum cleaner, first-aid kit.

Lounge: 4K TV with instant access to Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming services. Please note: Streaming accounts required to log-in.
Fast Fibre Broadband Connection, Flame effect gas fire.

Bathroom (Downstairs): WC, Basin, Bath with electric shower. Full-length mirror. Heated towel rail.
Bathroom (Upstairs) Closet toilet and hand basin.

Bedroom: Each bedroom is equipped with a high quality ‘SilentNight’ bed frame and ‘Emma’ memory foam mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. Adequate storage for clothing including drawers and hangers. Master bedroom equipped with a hair-dryer.

Garden: Good sized west facing garden area which gets very warm in the summer months, ideal for sun-bathing. Pub-style picnic bench and garden parasol for outside dining. Sun-loungers on request. External power point, garden hose, external garden lighting.

Parking: Private parking to the rear of the house, accessible from service road. Parking space is sufficient for two medium sized cars/SUV. External lighting.

Please read and take note of the following
i) As a period property, the stairs are rather steep
ii) As is common with this type of property, the bathroom and loo are situated on the ground floor, whilst there is a second toilet and handbasin upstairs.
iii) Please note: Keys must be collected from the owners on arrival, as such arrivals are requested not before 3.00pm and not after 6.00pm.
iv) We do not accept hen/stag groups or people looking to party and/or generally upset the neighbours. Excessive noise or disturbance will result in guests being required to vacate the property immediately and without notice, no exceptions.
v) Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the house. However smoking in the garden is OK - Please use ashtrays provided.
vi) For any guests with children please note that we don’t supply stairgates, cots, highchairs or any other safety equipment.
vii) The house is fully carpeted, so we would therefore ask you to remove shoes please, before entering the house.
viii) We kindly request that you leave the cottage in the same condition that you found it in.

First thing that you become aware of as a host is that guests don’t READ!
I have a 2 story Victorian Duplex… I don’t allow young children. The reasons why are clearly spelt out in the listings.
Very busy main road
Very steep stairs.
Every day I get inquiries from guests wanting to bring their children and why I don’t allow them!

Yeah that does occur to me - however I’ve put everything in writing so that nobody can claim they weren’t told…

Goes for nothing, video doorbell at minimum.

After a (yes, I know limited right now) quick look at your market, circa £175 per night, plus any cleaning fee, might deter more than just party animals.

I think you need to do some research in respect of pricing.

Southend-on-Sea · Stays · Airbnb


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I live in a similar property but offer it as a shared home in the West Country .

You are focussing too much on the history of the place and not enough of what local attractions you are close to. @manbitescat

All you need to say is that it’s a Victorian terrace within x of the beach, within xxx of local attractions and easy walking distance of shops and restaurants.

Think about your target audience when writing your description. You will write it very differently if you are targeting families than if you are targeting business stays or those looking for weekend breaks.

Write with your audience not yourself in mind.

Nowhere do you mention who your property is most suitable for or why.

What pricing are similar properties in Southend charging?

If you don’t live on the premises you will get people trying to sneak in additional guests/pets/party - you need a camera


New folks can post, but can’t start threads. Sorry, but admins had to do it because those that take and never give want to come here and advertise their products.

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