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Hi, new host here

Hi, Just saying hello, we are a British/Brazilian couple just in the process of setting up our new business in Tuscany, Italy. We have built an accessible vacation home to support people with disabilities, my wife has worked in social services for years and has a huge range of experience in this area.

We are both new to the vacation rentals business so I registered here so I can see what other peoples experiences have been and learn from them.

Our new house is pretty much finished but we are going through all of the final paperwork and business registrations and aiming to be renting out by April 2020.

Thanks for reading, cheers John


Welcome to the forum, @JohnP!

There is an abundance of information here that will help as you begin hosting. Looking at previous posts will help you get ideas, as well as avoid some of the pitfalls we as experienced hosts have identified. Let us know if you have any specific issues you’d like advice on.

Welcome! Wishing you lots of success.

Welcome @JohnP! I know you will learn a lot from the forum. Reading through this forum before I started prevented me from making a lot of mistakes.

This is great news, the more inclusive hosts we have the better!


Hello, @JohnP, and welcome! Best wishes to your future venture.

Welcome and good luck to you! Toscana is my absolute favorite place to vacation.

Welcome John!

It’s great that you found us because this forum is the ‘Airbnb university’. Read as much as you can here. Bear in mind that we tend to disagree a lot because there’s no such thing as a typical host. What’s right for one host is madness for another.

But even so, there’s a wealth of wisdom here. (And a smattering on bonkersness too, but that’s okay).

It’s great that you’ve attended to the challenges of people with disabilities in your rental.

I look forward to chatting soon. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @JohnP! Happy hosting and best wishes for a great season upcoming. :blush:

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