Hi....hope to be of some use here!


Just joined as our family has a small AirBnb property that is doing very well in Southport, Merseyside.

I am on a one man mission to help people make their properties more secure. I hate seeing combination key boxes and keys left under pots and stones!!! It does not have to be that way!!!

My day job is a security advisor…any aspects!!! Access, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire systems, automatic doors, gates and garages and so if anyone would like any advice, which is always FREE then please give me a shout.


Mike Jackson

Hey Mike

Welcome and thanks for your offer to offer advice. I’m looking for something very specific, that I’ve not come across online.

I have a guest house that I’d like to install a digital lock on the entry door

The challenge is that it is a metal framed door with a ‘Hoppe multipoint lock’ (with a traditional keyed lock), so installing the standard type of automated deadbolt lock will not work. I’ve contacted the manufacturers rep, who were not very helpful. There is supposedly a system that they can retrofit, but it requires “engineering” and more money than I think is reasonable (thousands of $).

My current approach for quests

  • I have a digital lock on the entry gate; I provide that code to the guest
  • I leave the guest house door unlocked, with the key inside.
  • Upon departure, I ask them to leave the key behind, and just close the door (unlocked) behind them.

Do you know of any electronic locks that would might work in this situation. I’d like to think that I could attach something to the exterior of the door frame and the exterior of the house (white stucco in photo)? I could leave the existing keyed lock unlocked, but use the digital one to provide access. It would need to be black metal (or stainless), thin profile. I’d position it above the current lever set. I’d then need to sort out that it wouldn’t lock someone inside. An example of what I’m looking for is the Yale YDG 313 Digital Lock (but this is not a fit for my situation as it used for glass doors).

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Pics attached of the entry door situation, the Yale lock I’m looking to replicate, and the manufacturer (Hoppe) of the current door / mechanism and what they offer.

PS. I use this Ultraloq for the gate. Its held up pretty well (approx 6-9 months of battery life), in the hot sun. Pretty reasonable cost on Amazon.