HGTV FROG space Shared Space Rental

Finished Room Over Garage S3E4
Rock the Block competition

All 4 designers added small kitchens, full baths, desks, & sleeping areas with an eye toward rentable (?-I guess that’s the correct word) guest spaces. One added a laundry.

Funny how things change. In 2004 when friends sold their huge, lovely house, the value was decreased because they had a small apartment upstairs with full bath, bedroom & Kitchenette AND it had a separate entrance through the garage.

Now it is a highly desirable to have a FROG apartment.

The potential for Short term rentals has been affecting home construction for sometime. Now it is definitely mainstream.

Kinda cool.



Is it wine o’clock m’dear :wine_glass:

Says he who may be missing the whole point :rofl: or have you missed inserting a link…


HGTV is a US TV network and Rock the Block is a show on that network. Even without the link she is saying that a Finished Room Over Garage is desirable now but it wasn’t 18 years ago. The boom in STR for ordinary homeowners is the difference.


@kkc nailed it. In home hosts with FROG setups are soooooooo 2030 (ahead of the trends)

Acronyms, acronyms… I get it now. Nothing to do with carnivorous short-bodied, tailless amphibians then.



As much as I like Kermit, he sadly doesn’t not qualify for a special apartment.

I found it interesting that no one mentioned having checked zoning or municipal regulations on whether the FROG would be allowed as an STR. The value could vary greatly from location to location due to restrictions. It certainly occurs under the radar sometimes but the Rock the Block houses are so close together that it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

What’s a “rock the block house”?


The houses shown on that show.

Here’s an article about the show.

Here’s where episode info is:

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I thought the same thing. One barely mentioned rental & her next comments were cut off. Maybe because it is new neighborhood the HOA covenants & restrictions are not be in place yet?

Also in that show it bothered me that
Privacy fencing the back yard was deemed desirable but blocking the (expensive) lake view was not considered a significant negative.

i heard it mentioned as a negative by one judge. On the same show they complimented another contestant’s fence. Weird.

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Here in WV, especially in our town, FROGs are ubiquitous. There are so many, especially in older neighborhoods, I might not even think to check, were I building one.

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Hahaha! I’m still musing over the Frog Apartment - love the meme :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Never heard the term FROG. They are ADU’s out here. Additional Dwelling Units. Your property has to be zoned for them to be built/used. Frequently they are separate living quarters, but can be abutted to a main house or above a garage.

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In my area you will see privacy fencing to either side then metal see-thru towards the view. Lakes=alligators = fencing = desirable


The goal of the competition is to take identical $500,000 homes & use a $225,000 budget to make upgrade to achieve the highest appraisal value.

They were within $25,000 range with the winner at $975,000. So $225,000 invest gained $400,000 in value.

The winners had very livable FROG.

Boggles my mind.

You in-home hosts are so NOW.

I enjoy YouTube videos by Furniture Flipping Teacher. She started flipping furniture to payoff her student loans. She’s real. She shows her mistakes. The goal of her videos is to share knowledge & perhaps help others develop a second income stream.

She & her BF were notified the owner sold the house they were renting so they had to scramble. They found a fixer-upper house & workshop to buy.

She talked excitedly at length in her video about the potential of the property to have 2 short term rentals-one in the home. The other above the garage/workspace.

I’m too much of a pessimist about the pandemic to see how anyone could be excited about sharing their home with traveling strangers.

That said, I’m booked in Airbnbs for this summer where the host lives on site and 3 of them have shared common spaces with the hosts or with other guests. But they all also have the option of not sharing. So I hope this excited teacher is going to plan for that in her home share.

Both soon to be rentals are separate small apartments/efficiencies one is upstairs of a workshop the other is upstairs separate entrance. There are some sound logistics to work out in case there is a guest while they are filming in the workshop.

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Stairs are a part of life but it also limits the number of people who can book.