Here we go—more STR restrictions


That’s awesome. They need to reserve some housing for locals so people who serve the communities can be retained, and quality of life can be maintained in that beautiful area.

Whose housing do you think should be reserved?


Same thing happening in Hawaii.

Currently the council persons have voted on a moratorium on new STR permits. Should last for two years or until they put in more restrictions.


I am facing new enforcement of existing regulations and a LOT of community resistance to STR’s in my area.

I have (gasp) just leased my 3 bedroom 2 bath to a family that I know who’s housing was sold out from under them. I left money on the table because I figured if it is not affordable it is not sustainable.

I also just took on a 9 week stint in my small cabin for $800 a month MORE than the 3 bedroom.

I feel like I needed to get ahead of the regulations, I was not 100% in compliance with two on one lot.

I will still do STR in the small place but depending on how this medium term deal works out who knows.

I never expected to have tenants but nothing is constant except change.



There’s still no regulation here and none on the horizon. And even if there were my place is almost certain to be outlawed. I do favor more regulation though. At the very least I should be licensed.


Everyone needs a Plan B!