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Helpful tools for hosts

Hi! I’m a relatively new host and am looking for new ways to better my guests’ experience. I recently ordered the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock because it’s the most affordable smart lock I’ve found (only $89) and I can use it to create digital keys to send to my guests rather than leaving them with a physical key. I also use the Samsung SmartThings multipurpose sensor to keep an eye on my place while I’m gone. It monitors all my doors and windows to make sure everything is closed and also monitors the temperature. Does anyone have any other suggestions of tools or apps to help make sure my guests have a good experience?

I found that using the KEVO (similar system) was always a recipe for problems - people didn’t sign in to keno until they were at my doorway, then did not understand how to turn on their bluetooth, then blamed me for ‘difficult entry’. Altho in theory it is awesome, it is very hard to conceptualize as a guest, and of course you have many who are either overseas and do not have smartphones or access, or local ‘luddites’ usually older guests, who either have older flip phones lol or say things like ‘I’m not into all this folderol, just hand me a key’.

I found a mid price kwikset that not only allows adding numbers to a keypad (their phone number for example) but also locks the door after 30 seconds automatically. The relocating is vital since guests are never good about locking the door behind them. The simplicity is a problem tho with the lock - you have only 8 slots for numbers, and they need to be keyed at the lock itself.

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Hi, relying on mobile phones to open door locks is far from ideal for lots of obvious reasons. Far better to have a reliable keypad, August and I think Lockitron have introduced a keypad lately, need I say more. Stuart

Thanks Stuart. Blueguard actually has a key fob and keypad so it’ll be no problem for my guests. Do you have any suggestions for other types of tech or tools like this that will make my guest have a more enjoyable or easier stay?

Thanks for your input Rolf! I’m definitely a fan of the Blueguard, it has a key fob and keypad so guests who dont’ feel comfortable using their phones don’t have to worry.

Do you have any other suggestions for cool apps/tools that I can offer my guests to give them a better experience?

I found a great way to share access to my door locks, thermostats and other devices for my guests on a single app / dashboard, without the need to give them access to my actual accounts (user name and passwords) for each device. It’s an app called “Myknock” and you can get it at the App Store for IOS or from Google Play for Android - it has a good website too. The bottom line is that it lets you create users for your guests, it emails them an invitation, then you grant access to your locks, thermostats etc. When their stay is over, you simply delete those users and create new ones for your next guests. It’s very helpful.

They currently support Nest and Honeywell thermostats, Lockitron door locks, Philips Hue lights and a bunch of other connected life things. They seem to be adding new devices and services on a regular basis too so I would keep an eye on them for future enhancements.

Anyway, I’ve looked around and this is the only app that I can find that manages guests in a convenient and powerful way for hosts. http://www.Myknock.com



What if one of us walked into a hotel & said, “I don’t like your current system. Give me a key immediately!” For one, we’d look like a crazy person. Secondly, the Hotel would never give us a physical key. We could lose it, copy it, or just take it.
Why is it so different in the airbnb world? Why can’t a Host say that the security of the property is paramount? (Maybe for review sake, but your reservation page can make this clear.)

I’m not sure if there is a “best Smart lock” so long as there is a deadbolt that can be locked & unlocked in a keyless fashion, you’re winning the game! The real difference comes in the Software.

Does the software: integrate with rental sites, is it easy to use for the Host, is it easy and intuitive for the Guest (especially older Guests)?

There’s a few options for you:

You could choose a software company like VirtualKEY (virtualkey.co) that integrates with multiple locks and works with airbnb (as well as other travel sites) to automatically send Guests access valid only for their specific reservation. They will even supply you with the Smart lock to get you up and running.

Or you could choose a lock manufacturer that will also provide the associated software. Several of those manufacturers post on this forum.

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