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Help with review -- guest checked in but left after 6 hours with no explanation

I have a feeling that this guest won’t want a review. :slight_smile:

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So what? What business is it of yours whether a couple of gals shared the bottle of wine you provided in the middle of the afternoon? Why is it something you’d even mention here? Or would think is worth noting?


No foul.
No harm.
People change plans.
Maybe buddy concluded his house-hunting quicker than anticipated.
Maybe they moved to a bigger place to connect with other friends for a weekend.
Maybe they had a dog, and moved to a place where it was “legal,” and had no hard feelings about your pet rule.
If no damage was done, you were paid, the guest was pleasant and you don’t suspect the facilities were used to shoot kiddie porn, it’s not any of your business. They met all their obligation to you was to be nice, be clean and pay for their reservation. They had no obligation to never change their plans for the weekend or to ignore an urgent reason to return home early.
Let. It. Go.


Why not? they were perfect guests imo

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This is not going to be an issue, as they aren’t coming back, they are moving to your town.

It sounds like it just wasn’t a good fit. If they weren’t comfortable at your place you don’t have to worry about them suggesting your place to family and friends either.


Another point to mention here … I don’t know if this is law or if it’s just my own rule, but to me, if a guest has paid for accommodation from, let’s say, 4pm Friday until 11 am Monday, then the place is theirs for that time.

Unless they have contacted me to say that they are leaving then it doesn’t matter to me when they use the place (or don’t use it) within the confines of the time they have booked and paid for.

I’ve had guests ‘disappear’ for a day or more, usually to go on a short road trip but I always assume that the place is still theirs until the check out time.


Exactly. A little love in the afternoon.

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Very likely. :wink:

Both our apartments are one bedroom - one bed places. We get a fair amount of guests who definitely don’t seem to be in long-term relationships - with each other, at any rate.

Apart from one girl a few years ago who barked like a dog when in the throes of passion they have always been fine. (I had to speak to her about the barking though for the sake of the neighbours).

If the person who has booked doesn’t give me their partner’s name I know not to mention their ‘friend’ in the review. :wink:


Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?
When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day
And we know the night is always gonna be there any way


You provide a service, the guest paid for the service. Your suite was left in order. That’s what you should be reviewing. Believe me, this is not a problem. You can’t go by feeling on a review, you just go by facts. You’re overthinking.


In my view this is a passive aggressive, judgemental and way too personal.

Why not just say: “This was the perfect guest. Left the place in immaculate condition and checked out very punctually.”


Oh Muddy, you need to get out there and have more fun.

??? Are you sure your response was meant for me? I said it wasn’t any of the host’s business if a couple of gals shared a bottle of wine in the afternoon.

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It’s pretty much what I would have done…

Heads on beds, etc, and if they a) don’t trash the place and b) leave either before or when they’re meant to, then good guests.


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