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Let me first apologise if I’m reinventing the wheel here, and that this is a frequently discussed subject, however I’ve searched on the forum and couldn’t immediately find an answer.

We’re on the verge of listing a couple of B&B rooms on AirBnB, but have reached a brick wall when it comes to pricing. To explain, we’re located where demand peaks massively during a few weekends a year. Our normal, base price is, for example £80 for a double en suite room including breakfast, however during one key weekend, that price trebles.

I’m entirely unable to see how we might achieve that in AirBnB. One has the option to use base pricing only, or smart pricing. The latter sounds good in principle - AirBnB raises prices depending on demand. It could be, therefore that we’ll get an even better price, but it could also be that we list the relevant dates, and the next thing we know we have a booking taken for £80 a night. It’s smoke and mirrors how it works.

We’ve lots of experience of using listing sites such as Booking dot com, where it’s possible to finely control nightly pricing, under booking etc to ensure we get only the bookings we need. however the lower host commission charged by AirBnB is of course very attractive, so we’d like to follow that route.

My question is, am I missing something, and is there a way on AirBnB to get the price that we need for certain nights ?

Grateful for any feedback.


You can enter a price in the calendar for any night and that entry overrides the base price.

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What @PitonView said. You can set any night to any price you want.

You know months or a year in advance when those peak weekends will occur. You simply go to those dates on the calendar, select the days and price them as you choose. Yes, it’s a tiny bit more work a couple times a year, but the economic gain is worth the effort.

Have you looked at Airbnb Help - good for all the basics around managing your listing

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Thanks everybody for your replies. I wasn’t able to see the pricing editing area, as I’d refrained from publishing the listing. Based on your kind feedback, I published and then quickly dived in to modify the pricing, so everything is now perfect.


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You may also want to adjust (increase) your minimum stays during peak season. Sometimes guests can book odds days and mess up the entire week.

We have Smart Pricing enabled. It has only ever sold rooms at the minimum price that we set. We live in hope.

So why do we persist? Why not? There is no disadvantage that I can see and sometime in the future we may even get an unexpected bonus.