Help with minimum stay settings please

Hi all, new here :slight_smile:

I am trying to edit my listing so that it is obvious that the 5 night min must be between Saturdays, to make clear to guests that they can only check in Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

In the Trip Length part of the listing settings, the drop down list only lets me choose one day to check in. Surely it should let me select Saturday + Sunday + Monday.

(Just created a screenshot to make my question super clear, uploaded it using the tool and was greeted with a message saying I can’t include an image…eh?)

How do I make my listing clear?

Many thanks, and Happy Holidays to all :slightly_smiling_face:

Switch on professional tools.

Create a rule set.
Set a 5 day minimum.
Set no arrivals on tue, wed, thu and fri



Looks like Chris gave you what you needed, welcome to the forum @Morello stick around, we are looking forward to learning with you.



Thank you Chris. I googled how to switch on professional rules and have now done so but it seems to be aimed at hosts with multiple properties - I only have one.

So now I have a new setting in ‘Check in and check out’ which enables me to set that guests can’t check in Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri but in the Trip length setting where I have set seasonal dates for the 5 night minimum, I still have to choose one check in day. If I don’t, it defaults to ‘any day of the week’ which is the whole point of my question.

What am I missing, and what is a rule set? Can’t see anything about those.

Thanks again.

Oh, and I can’t see how to edit my post above - meant to say, I can’t see anything about rule sets in my own listing settings, despite now having Pro Tools switched on.

The rulesets are in your calendar view.

Found it, thank you. Not the most intuitive site I’ve ever used…
Any idea how to chgange the calendar view to show multiple months, at the moment I have one month showing as a thin strip across the top.

Hello and welcome! You can use the pro tools even if you only have one property. We only have one as well but still use pro tools for the extra features and options.

I don’t care for that calendar view of the single strip either, but haven’t found a way to change it unless I go into the property itself. I wish they were the same view.

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Sorry, ignore that - clicked on my property name on the left.

Still not found a solution to this despite creating a rule set saying that check in can only be sat/sun/mon.

I suspect the rule sets override the general settings. At least I am hoping they are…

By the way, thank you for asking this question! I’ve been struggling with this (we require Sat-Sat in high season but more flexibility otherwise), and you prompted me to try again, and I was able to figure out how to make it work this time.

I think Airbnb tech teams get brownie points for creating one of the most counter-intuitive sites I’ve ever seen or used. My suspicion is that many of the techies are on the autism spectrum (which is rather common in that line of work) and their brains simply don’t work like the average person’s does.
So much of their wording is confusing and downright misleading. For instance, almost all new hosts, and also many experienced ones, assume that the availablity setting " Block 1 day before and after a reservation" would result in 2 days being blocked between reservations, therefore they don’t use that setting, even if they’d like to have a day to clean between bookings, and spend time manually blocking one day. But in fact, that setting should read “Block one day between reservations”, because that is exactly what it does.