Help with booking problem

Hi. I have a guest and family arriving tomorrow for a few days. Seven days before she sent me a message stating that they would no longer be coming for the first night as they would be arriving late and would stay near the airport.
(Before she made the booking she expressly asked if I minded her arriving at my house in the early hours and I replied that it would not be a problem.)
I responded that I was not far away from the airport especially late at night as traffic is at a minimum.
She did not respond so I messaged back saying that if she wished to change her booking she should organise it through the Airbnb website.
She has not responded nor amended her reservation so that the date has stayed blocked on my calendar not allowing me to be able to let it out to someone else.
I feel like I have an awkward situation about to arise regarding payment for the first night and would like some advice. I feel she should pay as she has not cancelled the night thereby allowing someone else the chance to take the room and I did not agree to her request.
Thanks Jacqueline

Hi @Jacqueline

Please don’t feel awkward. It was the guests responsibility to do this if they wanted to cancel the first night. You told her how to do this, but she for whatever reason didn’t. In those circumstances the booking should stand as is.

My concern as the host is - does that mean she will be arriving to her original schedule. I am not sure whether that will matter too much for you - for example is it a shared home or separate. Is there a key lock system or do you need to let the guest in.

I would prepare it for the original dates just in case.

If she doesn’t arrive on the first day and does query it, I would be firm and polite. Just say that if she had sent an amendment request you would have been happy to accept it and try and relet that night, but as it wasn’t cancelled there was no chance for you to relet the room. You can point out that as she didn’t do this, you prepared the room for the original duration of the stay in case they decided to keep to their original plans.

Good luck - let us know how it goes.

Hi @Helsi,

Thanks for your response on my dilemna. It gave me confidence to deal with the situation if it had arisen.

The guest however did not mention the night that they did not stay and as of yet has not asked for a refund. I must have read the situation incorrectly.