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Help needed! How to refuse a guest?


But a booking of 4, 2 lovely couples could be having wild sex orgies in your home.


This reminds me of the time I found out one of the fine upstanding members of the community, whose children went to the school I taught at, and who own several neighborhood restaurants were members of a swinger’s community. And then the prim, staid librarian was like “oh yeah, that’s well known.” Like the allegations going to and fro about sexual misconduct by well known figures in politics and the media in the US, I suspect there is a lot of hanky panky going on and there’s little point in trying to predict who is inclined and who isn’t .


Yeah, anything’s possible. But so far, if that HAS been going on I haven’t found evidence of it (or had the icky experience of cleaning it up!) with couples or family groups (fingers crossed).


nice of you to play devils avocado, but I bet police cells on a friday night have more men than women.

I let a an all male group of 4 stay for one night, in the early days, I was keen to take bookings, they said they were nice lads and would be ok. Turns out they were away fans who were thrashed that night by the home team, and kicked up a rumpus into the wee hours.

And that was the end of that listing!


Ding ding ding. Canadian Host wins: “I suspect he went looking for another whole house rental … so now he’s trying to book…” Yep. As a host who used to do whole house rentals for 5 years, I back you on this conclusion. I won’t go into the gory details of my experiences with groups of young men (and once, a family group) who ghosted me after reading my rules and then circled back later when they couldn’t find anything else. I learned my lesson the hard way. You don’t have to do it that way. You also don’t need to explain. Just say, “I’m sorry, but the home is not a good fit for your group. I wish you the best in finding your ideal rental.” Hope this is helpful. Edit: Just finished reading the thread, and I’m glad you were able to book it to someone else. I don’t do whole house bookings anymore unless it’s returning guests I’ve hosted before. Just wasn’t worth the stress, the mess, the disrespect, the damage, the annoyed neighbors, etc. Had some lovely groups, too, but it’s impossible to predict who will be respectful and who will be a disaster.


Just wanted to add my two cents about not being able to predict the behaviour of a group based on demographic. During my time in the hotel industry, we used to have all kinds of university teams staying in our hotel when they came to town for an away game. You’d think they’d be drunk, rowdy, etc. They weren’t. I’m sure part of it had to do with their coach being in the same hotel, but I digress…

The worst groups? Adults in middle age. They were consistently drunk, loud, and ridiculous. Take them away from work and family commitments for a weekend, and they desperately try to recapture the hard partying early 20s, often with disastrous results.

And the less said about rugby teams, the better…


Uh oh! Now you have me worried about a group in January. Ugh!