Help need advice

Has anyone had an experience with a neighboring airbnb host making false complaints to the city? It seems they are jealous as they have a very poor rating and we have a very high one. They will not stop making false claims about noise etc when there is none. Is there anything we can do? Kind of sick and tired of this been going on for 14 months and not sure what to do? They even put garbage in the back of one of our guests truck once. Very bitter hateful people.

How do you know they are the ones doing it? How do you know they put garbage in your guest’s truck?

Perhaps you should confront them. Install a outdoors video surveillance camera so that when they vandalize your property again you can file a police report.

Not really much info to go on @Cheyenne_Sonora

When you say neighbour are they an immediate neighbour in an apartment block or a nearby unconnected neighbour?

Has the city confirmed to you this is the person making all the complaints? Or are you making assumptions?

Have you met with said neighbour/other neighbours to understand nature of their concerns and to see what can be done to help with any issues.

Immediate neighbors in the next building and yes the city has contacted us and on our side. This is harassment. We have tried to work with them but their demands are unrealistic and unreasonable. It feels that their sole purpose is to destroy us and for the sole reason their business is struggling because of their poor reviews and im assuming jealousy?

Yes its all documented that they were the ones responsible. Also have information that they are breaking their rental lease by hosting for airbnbs

It sounds like you’ll just have to ride it out until they lose their lease.

I would begin with making a chronological list of the “wrongs” that they neighbors have done to you, whether that’s making false complaints to the city or putting trash in your guest’s pickup truck. It sounds like you have already started this, but to the extent that you can build this body of evidence with independent verification (like your police report), you should.

Also, what are your relative legal standings here? You mention that they are doing ABB illegally, per the terms of their lease. Does your state/town have laws about ABB? If you do go down the route of tattling on your neighbors to their landlord, you should make sure that you’re in a legally impeccable position and in compliance with all local regs.

If you are in compliance, then there is the possibility that you could go to the neighbor’s LL and share your documentation with them. Make sure that you print a PDF of your neighbor’s ABB listing, calendar, etc. But, the documentation could also come in handy if you were to pursue other options against neighbors.

Thank you for your advice