Help! My listing says cats live in the house - I can't get it off!

Hello everyone, I am new to Airbnb and I have just listed my apartment. I never ticked that cats live in the house, yet it appears in the listing. I have gone in and tried to tick it and untick it, but nothing works. Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, Sarah.

Hi how frustrating - perhaps give Airbnb a call and see if they can help?

I would like to do that…do you know how I call Airbnb? I can only find directions to their online help - all predetermined topics. Thanks.

If you scroll up the top of the first page here, you’ll find a list of their customer services numbers, second item down after “Tried and Recommended…”. They are listed internationally, but you get put through to whoever is working according (ish) to your time zone. Calling from the UK at or after midday usually puts me through to Dublin, and they are really helpful. Good luck.

Quick question: What browser are you using? Per Airbnb CS they are optimized to work with Chrome. I’ve had Explorer give me some odd results & difficulting editing like you are experiencing.

You may wish to try using Chrome.

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If you look at the Airbnb Help Centre and search ‘contact us’ it will provide you with contact numbers for your nearest customer services. And of course as directed on this forum.

Welcome aboard, they hide their contact info deliberately

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So true, a google search pulled up these numbers:

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Actually through the Airbnb Help Centra, Airbnb now provides you with a contact number for your nearest customer centre or a call back facility and let you know how long this will be (at the moment mine says 10 minutes).

They have had this function for a couple of months now. They change stuff so often it’s hard to keep up.