Help for those hosts who make beds

We have several sets of white sheets that we rotate on our two AirBnb beds. I have come up with a solution to two annoying issues, which I thought I’d share with other bedmakers. #1. How many times do you put the first corner of your fitted sheet on the mattress, just to find it’s going the wrong way? So you take it off and put it on the other corner. # 2. Do you spend too much time trying to figure out which top white sheet goes with which bottom white sheet? (In my case, they are all different brands and so they tend to vary in color and/or material just a little, just enough to bug me.)

Solution to #1: I have pinned a large safety pin on the inside of the corner of the fitted sheet that goes on the bottom right corner of the mattress. No more wondering! Solution to #2: I picked up some multi-colored plastic O rings at the hardware store, one matching pair per set of sheets. I slipped one on the safety pin, and then put its match on another safety pin and pinned it to the bottom right corner of the top flat sheet. Now when I take them out of the laundry, I can just match the O rings.

This may be more work than some of you are interested in doing, but if you go nuts every time you put the fitted sheet on the wrong corner, this is a game changer, even if you don’t bother with the O ring.

Now, if someone could just tell me a fast easy way to make up a bed without walking back and forth to each side a hundred times…


A dot with a permanent marker would be easier. Neither show once the bed is made. However, almost all the sheets I purchase have a tag in the corner which indicates lower left/upper right.


That’s a good idea, too, although I tried it once and it wound up washing out after a while. I wish all my sheets had tags. That would solve the problem. That’s what I get for shopping no-name brands on Amazon!

Huh… that’s easy, my OH does all the bedding :rofl:



This is what I do. Some sheet brands have the tags in different locations, but if you’re like me and all of your sheets are the same brand/collection, then this works well.

I have never seen a sheet without a tag on it. I’m pretty sure it’s not even legal to sell them without tags in the USA.

Easy. Just get two people to do a bed at the same time.

I recently got a set of organic cotton sheets at Costco. I bought them because they were white and reasonably priced, organic was just a bonus. The fitted sheet has tags that indicate both sides and top/bottom.


My least favorite bit is the tug of war to get the last corner on the fitted sheet over the mattress and memory foam pad. Cotton sheets + hot wash & dry to help sanitize = shrinkage.

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Agreed. Sometimes I have to pull so hard that I am fearful that the sheet will tear or the seams rip out :frowning:

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